Need A Smart Persons Help

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  1. My tach farted out and im trying to find out exactly what mph I would be at 6500 rpms in 1,2,3,4,5 gears. I have a t5, 373 gears, 245-50-16 DR. I know pretty close but not close enough. Thanks
  2. Here,...I have a smart idea: Replace the tach sun-cp7901_w.jpg
    39.95 ends the mystery
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  3. Boy i never thought of that......
  4. Well there you go,....seems a hell of alot easier than mentally crippling yourself trying to figure out what engine RPM is in each of the 5 gears based on MPH, all while your raging along at the local digs.
  5. I found a calculator on one site but the thing wouldnt post the graph. My raging ceased a long time ago...
  6. Mike fer prez 2016
  7. You could whip up a chart in MS Excel pretty easily.