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  1. I just bought Scat Rally seats for my '70 sports roof. As I suspected, they sit too high on my seat risers. I believe that the risers in my car are not '69-70 risers as my stock seats sit quite a bit higher than my friend's '69 Mach. I haven't decided if I'm going to get new risers or just add support to floor and bolt seats right to floor. I don't think they would be too low on the floor but could also cut down risers. Either way, I'm also going to weld subframe connects in as well. Would love to have your thoughts or recommendations. Thanks!
  2. has the floor pan been replaced ? if so they may have used a 65-68 floor pan kit.
    it is the same floor pan in both kits ,however the seat risers are taller on the 65-68 floor pan kits. i have seen a couple of the local shops cut them down to lower the seats .if they are the earlier risers i would change them back to 69-70 they are 1 inch lower.
  3. I'm not sure about the floor pan but I do suspect at least the risers were replaced. If I install new '69-70 risers, I'll probably cut at least 1" from them. If uncut they lower the seat by 1", that would compensate for the taller seat height of the Scat seats but that would still be high. That's why I'm wondering about eliminating the risers. Do you know the height of the stock risers?
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  4. The 69 -70 seat risers are about 1 1/4 lower that the 65-68 ones. If we have a tall customer and needs extra clearance, we'll switch out the risers and install our ABS headliner. Our headliner will gain you another 2 1/2 inches.
  5. Finally close to working on risers. Planning on removing risers and replacing with flat pans to connect front and rear pans with tunnel and rocker. Since the Scat seat adapters have some height adjustment, I can adjust the front a little higher than the rear to tilt seat back like it should. My main height issue is in reference to steering wheel and view out windshield but no problem with headliner clearance.
  6. Finally got a chance to remove seat risers. They appear to be stock height but still to high. The driver side pan had been replaced and could be the culprit. Sitting new seats directly on floor is much better. Hope to get pan supports and sub frames welded in this weekend. This may be a good time to rebuild my steering column.
  7. If you are just setting the seat tracks directly on the floor pans you will want to reinforce the floor pans or you may find your self dragging the road. I think i would sandwich a plate top and bottom to keep the bolts from tearing through or the floor pans from cracking.