Need Advice/help!

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  1. I have a 2013 Mustang GT/CS, my current aftermarket upgrades are-
    -Boss 302 Intake Manifold
    -85mm BBK Throttle Body
    -Airaid CAI
    -Magnaflow Competition AxleBacks
    and a Bama 93octane Race Tune

    What else is there to add for some more rwhp?? Don't have the money for a supercharger so
    lower budget items would be great! Appreciate all the help!
  2. Full length headers and off-road x-pipe.

    Have you made any suspension upgrades?
  3. Most likely going to get an Eibach Pro-System Plus later down the road but no suspension upgrades yet
  4. Switch to 3.73s. Fairly easy on the budget. Kick in the pants.
  5. What about the 4.10 gears? I have read they are the best when it comes to getting off the line and just overall better..?
  6. 3.73s were a factory option. Either way, the gear change is a relatively low cost performance upgrade. Highly recommend it.
  7. Lower the pony and get better grip with brackets. Wider tires will help too. tn_DSCN0080.JPG
  8. You could replace that Boss 302 manifold and put on a Ford Racing Cobra Jet intake.

  9. Don't forget to upgrade the control arms. It's a HUGE improvement.
  10. 3.73s; 4.10s only if you're more interested in 1/4 mile than highway/top end.

    Suspension mods are a must. No need for more power until you can get what you have to the ground. Springs are a start, but LCAs, UCA, adjustable panhard bar, improved mounts for all of the above; all are important to making your suspension perform well, not just look good.

    Do more research, but my understanding is that the Boss intake isn't that great of a performance upgrade for a street or drag car. From there, your next engine mods without going forced induction are on the exhaust side.
  11. what about underdrive pullies. I know you said low budget but....Cams....