Need Advice. Lookin At An 03 Gt

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  1. Hey fellas I saw an 03 gt that I believe has 176k mi. I haven't heard it run or anything but I was wondering what kind of miles do these things hold up to? I think the guy wants 6500 for it. Too much? Would you trade a 90 and some cash? How much cash? I'm relatively new to modulars.
  2. If it's well maintained, the mileage could go well beyond that. I just turned over 157K on my '03's my daily driver and I've only had to replace the intake manifold. I've kept the maintenance up on it, and she's lasted all this time. I am running into the issue of a squeaky throwout bearing now but other than that, it's a solid motor.

    What kind of shape is the car in that you're looking at? $6500 seems a little high, but if it's pretty clean and runs strong, it'd be worth it.
  3. Ah at 1st glance seems clean but it hasn't been washed and polished as if he was trying to sell it very hard. It's been cold out, 28 today so I haven't felt like getting out and taking a good look yet. What's the aftermarket like for these cars price and quantity wise? I took a quick glance at cylinder heads awhile back when I was kicking around the idea of doing a t bird project. If I remember right they were on the high side compare to pushrod motors?
  4. I think that is a bit high for that many miles. Maybe $4500...

    The heads are more expensive but there are plenty of other worthwhile upgrades without a headswap.
  5. Yeah I was thinkin high. As far as mods what else besides the general bolt-on crap? Any intake manifolds and such?
  6. I have a Victor Jr manifold on mine. Plenum, throttle body, full exhaust...that sort of stuff. Cams are a good improvement but pricey. I installed mine on my old car but the work can be a bit daunting.
  7. Yeah I was thinkin high. As far as mods what else besides the general bolt-on crap? Any intake manifolds and such?
    What would you say is the biggest bang for the buck with the modulars?
  8. Supercharger... :nice:

    Out of all the upgrades I've done on my old car it was definitely cams and gears. The car I have now was built when I got it. Look at my sig above. It is just about everything you can do do a modular without forced induction.
  9. Wow 6500 is too much in my opinion. At 176000 I think the price should be down to low 3's. Here in Cali mustangs devalue a lot. My dad paid 2200 for his 99 gt 3 years ago with 118000 on it. Yea if taken care of the motors and trans last a real long time. 99 gt had 179000 as of now and still no oil leaks, just an annoying exhaust leak.
  10. Yeah too many miles and too much money. At this point I'm sure its due for new everything.. Shocks, springs, hell maybe motor.. Oh and yeah gears, been there done that. If you're slow before you'll be slow after only turning more rpms
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  11. Asking price is definitely a bit high considering the state mileage. These cars can easily hit 200k with regular maintenance and care. One thing to keep in mind is that most Police cruisers and a lot Taxi cabs that you see (Crown Vics) run the same engine and were selected for good reason. They can take a lot of abuse over a prolonged period of time and hold up to it. Best bang for your buck mods with the 2v Modular are Cams and a gear swap. They can be a bit soft torque wise lower in the tach so the gear swap really wakes them up and gets you into the power band faster. If you have the deep pockets Supercharging is absolutely the way to go and will give you the large power gains while maintaining good driveability.
  12. It was a 20 footer and too expensive