Need Advice On 67 Mustang Straight 6


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Jun 30, 2013
Muskogee, Oklahoma
Hello everyone. Im new.
First of let me apologize for my poor spelling and ways with the English language.

Let me tell you this kinda long story so maybe you can understand my situation.

Right now I have a 66 c10 sbc 400 setting in the drive way (Well the truck is in the drive way) The engine is in my living room and has been fully rebuilt. 0.030 over - comp cam - comp hi-energy rock roller - hooker headers - eldarbork tooker 2 intake - - The crank has been turned - all new bearings - The only thing I reused is the water pump - fuel pump - carb. The trans had a shift kit with only 2k on it since the rebuild.

I got this truck when I traded my 93 ford f150 (5,0) straight across (I loved my f150) I paid 500$ for the truck when I got it. View:
I put alote of time and money into the truck. It had 198k on it when I got it. I drove it to 309k when it snapped a piston ring and started blowing oil backwards out the air filter housing. I drove it like this 3 times back and forth from Oklahoma and Fargo ND. Each time It went threw 3 gallons of oil. after the 3rd time I noticed a miss right after pulling of the high way and a lose of power. At the time it was my wife my son and me.
So I started looking around for something different (Not wanting to but needing to) I did not have the money to rebuild my f150.
a few weaks in to looking I found this 66 c10. I looked the truck over - The owner said it needed rewiring and that was it. He said the engine ran great but his dad messed the wiring up. I went ahead a took a shot (Thinking) ***Theres no way I can come out any worse -The c10 had a good body and I felt it was more desirable then my f150 so even if it had issues I could get my money back.*** STUPID STUPID STUPID
We made the trade. I got it home - long story short - A cracked head - water in oil - flat cam- on the plus side It did not need rewiring **two wires backwards on the starter**
So I talk to some ppl and decided to do a rebuild... 800$s in to the rebuild my wife comes to me and informs me she pregnant - my replies was BY WHO- (No that is a lie lol) We get to talking things and it pops into my head that - I can not fit everyone in the truck. 2 babys and 3 adults.

So now here I am with this brand new engine - for a truck I almost cant use- with just over 1200$ in the engine. To be truthful - If i had known the issues from the get go - i would have just rebuilt my f150. (O BTW this is all on credit) No cash spent yet. Now im at the point wear I need to figure something out.

My wife has agreed I can get anything I want as long as I dont spend more money or go backwards and as long as it has 4 seats. She has always wanted a 67 mustang - Iv found one. It appears to be in good shape altho Iv noticed some issues. The owner is asking 2k but after looking at what I got hes wanting to trade.

Now I know the mustangs of the 60s and so use a unibody - After looking at this car I found the floor pans rusted and pretty much gone. Altho It was late with not much light I did not see a ton of rust any ware else. It has suspension squeaks. The inside is almost perfect. The out side is a 20 foot paint job. It is a straight 6 - 3 speed. He drove it here over 40 miles so it has to be some kinda dependable.

My question is- wear are the key point to look for rust???
What parts can rust and be replaced with out immobilizing the car. (Stuff I can fix and steal drive)
Is the mustang worth the trade??? Here is my photo bucket - I have pics of my truck and engine there.

My biggest fear is this car collapsing on me going down the road - I can handle engine and trans issues. Frame work maybe pushing it.
I would like some advice on mustangs before I screw myself again.
Thanks guys. Sorry If Iv posted in the wrong spot.
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