Need advice on a 2001 Cobra purchese

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  1. Need advice on a 2001 Cobra purchase

    I have a chance to buy a white 2001 Cobra coupe for $10,500. 48,000 mi., polished wheels, spoiler. I go to drive it tomorrow. Wondering, if everything is as it should be and the car is clean, is this a good price? Thanks for any input!

    Would be nice to get back behind the wheel of a Mustang! Been a few years.
  2. Check all of the used-car pricing guides out there (NADA, KBB, etc) and some of the recent "sold" threads for similar cars across the different classified sections on the various mustang message boards out there on the 'net.

    I'm sure there's a little wiggle room on the price; doesn't sound terribly over/under-priced based on what little I've come across on 99/01 "for sale" threads. Test drive it and go from there...g'luck !
  3. Got it! In my driveway! Back in the club, finally!
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    Better pics in daylight tomorrow.
  4. Nice car for the money!!!
  5. Great buy! You'll love it for sure. I bought one in Laser Red back in 2001 when SVT prices were reasonable. :D It was no doubt the most fun car I've ever owned and I kick myself everyday for having to sell it in 2004.