Need advice on selling stang

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  1. I have a 2001 mustang GT that I am trying to get rid of. I am only getting rid of it because I need the money for school. I have tried stang net classifieds, craigs list, ebay, and nex-tech classifieds and I have had no luck whatsoever. The bid on ebay never reached $6000. My ad is still on stang net classifieds if anyone wants to see it. What is my car worth? I am asking $13000. Is that too much? Any advice on selling my car quickly, would be greatly appreciated. Its an automatic with about 53000 miles. The color is zinc yellow. Thanks
  2. the auto is prob hurting your chances to sell it!!
  3. ive been trying to sell my 89gt to get another 92 coupe
    and ive been having trouble selling it a few people looked at it but noone has the cash and cash is what i want im not a bank and there hasnt been one person that even got close enought to make me think about so your not the only one with this sort of problem i too have listed it in several places
  4. too looking at an 01 gt 21k miles for 12k
    5 spd
  5. :rlaugh: Yeah, it would be better if it had a "grind me a pound" TR3650 :rlaugh:
  6. Imo your about 2500 too high in price. According to your private party value in good condition is roughly 10K, but that would be more depending on options.
  7. Since you are looking for 13K, make it something like 12,900
    and then im sure someone might offer you 12 or even 12.5

    Worth a shot, if you are looking to get that much. Also, take as many pictures as you can. In online advertising, you can never have TOO MANY pictures. Get a nice camera or borrow one from a friend and get a lot of good ones. Something as simple as a nice backround can really make the car look that more appealing.
    Is it modded? Most people dont like seeing modifications on used cars, makes them seem like theyve been abused.

    Got any links to some pics?
  8. actually wrong. manuals hurt the chance of selling the car. to true car street cruisers...yes auto isnt as good. but to a drag racer or anyone that lives in a truly urban's are better.

    to the thread starter. id say 13 is kinda high, not drastically, but it is. the color kinda limits its buyers too. so youre looking at a very specific nitch. itll sell. just give it time. id try asking 12 or 12,5.
  9. I'm not sure where you live, though try local boards also.

    Put an ad in the newspaper classifieds :shrug:
  10. Autos hurt the value, not a manual. Look at autotrader, the ones with autos go for cheaper and take longer to sell. A lot of V8 mustang owners prefer a stick and wouldn't have it any other way.
  11. I'm gonna have to go a head and disagree with you on that one..

    When I was looking for a Stang all I could find was automatics!! I wanted to get a used 5 speed vert, ended up having to buy mine brand spanking new.

    My neighbour across the street has a Automatic coupe, same year.. Put his up for sale, didnt even get a nibble.. Nothing.
  12. and ive known people with manuals that dont get nibbles either. once again it depends what youre looking for and who's looking for it. some people want auto's, others want manuals. from a car enthusiasts standpoint, maybe its not so great but not everyone is a collector or wants to rip through gears. they might want a good looking daily driver. and anyone with traffic (generally speaking) doesnt want to deal with a manual. or if the person wants to turn it into a drag car the 4r70w is a stout platform to start on. ive watched a local 03 DSG GT premium with the premium chrome wheels, 5spd, 30k on it for 16,5. been for sale for 4 months. ive also soon a 97 vert 5spd, leather, green w/tan top with 70k on it for 6500....not a nibble either. the market for a used stang right now isnt as hot as it was 2 years ago. everyone wants an 05. the previous models value is going down due to the 05 release. gas prices are going up. the things are more expensive than my camaro to insure. and yellow alienates a lot of people. i think yellow is alienating more people than the auto. yellow is cool and all, but its a "love it or hate it" color. you cant sit there and be in different about yellow. that hurts it more than an auto.