Suspension Need Advice On What To Do...suspension Problems (noise)

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm gonna try and make a long story short. I've taken my car to the dealership a few times because the suspension has kept making noise different times. Relevant facts:

    2012 Mustang GT
    18,000 miles
    3.73 gears, brembo, 6MT

    700ish miles, drunk driver hit me on fwy, front right, authorized ford dealer repaired/replaced almost everything, $5,8xx worth of damage.

    2,600ish miles, noticed suspension making noise upon acceleration, took it in, front suspension lubed. Kept making noise, took it in again, they replaced right front control arm.

    5,800ish miles, took it in for oil change and complained about suspension and transmission, they replaced both front control arms and 2nd gear on trans and supporting syncros.

    Just took it again (18,000ish) because when I go over speed bumps the suspension sounds like it's creaking. Also, if I have the A/C on and windows up, I can hear something from the front of the car creaking, as if you're walking on old wooden boards. Also, when I try to do a 3 point U turn, if I turn the steering wheel all the way and reverse the car, it sounds like a goddamn mating call of a whale.

    What the hell is going on? This last time the dealership told me the noise was coming from the back not from the front, and said the reason was because my tire repair kit wasn't fastened down properly. I'm guessing they documented this because they didn't want me to open a lemon law case.

    I'm planning on calling corporate tomorrow and giving them a fair share of how retarded this entire thing is. I buy a new car to avoid all problems and I've taken this car more to the dealership in 18,000 miles than I did my last car for the 90,000 miles I drove it.

    What should I do? Could you guys recommend what the problem could be?

    Thanks for the long read...
  2. If the car was hit, who knows what the problem is? Could be body shops fault, did they pull the frame to spec? Align it properly?.... who knows
  3. Frame wasn't hit, according to the authorized Ford body shop. I understand the car's been hit, but does that mean I'm inevitably screwed? If that was the case, wouldn't they salvage the car? Also, I don't think the accident is the cause, as the noise seems to coming from both sides of the front.
  4. Ditch the car, take the loss, start from new... Once a car has been hit it will never be the same...
  5. This.
  6. The car is the frame, they are unibody, you can get hit in the right front corner and affect the left rear all it depends on how it gets hit. I agree ditch this body shop and go someplace else.
  7. Did you punch the drunk driver at least?
  8. Wreckless: did you ever get this problem sorted out? I have a'12 GT with about 25k miles, and am experiencing similar front suspension noise. My daily commute involves 28 speed bumps roundtrip, and I hear the noise whenever I hit them at just the right speed that makes the front suspension travel through most of the full stroke.

    I took it to the dealer, and they hinted that this may be a semi-common problem, but haven't actually done anything to fix it. Has anyone else had similar problems?
  9. TSB 11-10-17, depending on the vehicle build date, they prob. will replace the lower control arm(s). Some complaints seem to indicate the bushings may be at fault, but not too sure. Possibly the "top hat" on the strut?

    5,xxx is quite a good amount of damage on a 2012, and, unfortunatly, if just one piece was just minorally tweaked the car will never be the exact same again.
  10. No I did not. As a matter of fact, I'm taking the car in, once again, to get the problem sorted out. This will be the FOURTH time they will be replacing the front control arms.

    Thanks for the TSB. I'll run it by the dealership...but where I'm at, it's been real hard to find a decent dealership with a service department who somewhat knows what they're doing.
  11. Been there man, and it is not fun. When I had my first Mustang, I was fortunate enough to be around 3 or 4 dealers. Currently, I work at a Ford dealer so I got that going for me...but it is very frustrating when it seems the Service department(s) don't seem to have a clue. Just stay on them about the issue, and hopfully it gets you someplace.
  12. Just a quick update:

    I dropped the car of this morning at a Ford dealership about 18 miles from where I live (since I've had a positive experience with them before, advantage ford lincoln) and the tech told me that Ford has updated LCA's that he's going to see if he put in last time. If not, he will see about putting the updated ones in.
  13. I have the same problem with the squeak in the rear suspension in a 2012 V6 with 21k miles. No accidents. I've had it taken in and they replaced the control arms. It still squeaks when I go over minor bumps in the road. I took it in a second time and they said the squeak was due to cold weather and won't replace anything else. Really? So I'm stuck with a $35k car that squeaks. Just designed that way.
  15. Don't know if this will help but on my 2004 GT which was a baby (8,600 miles)
    The bushings that mount the rack and pinion were bad. Squeaked over every bump
    Friend did it for $75 with parts included.
  16. I have noticed that these cars sound like crap when it is below 50 degrees farenheit and wet out. I've noticed similar sounds and I've also noticed a sound from the brakes when releasing them upon the end of braking when it is cold and has been wet recently. Doesn't do it during the Summer, so they are likely to just say "it's a sports car, it's not made to sound perfect and drive perfect/smoothe". That's what my dealer told me when I went in for the same issue and they replaced the LCAs. Funny thing is that it did drive perfect/smoothe when it only had 300 miles on it new....Definitely seems bushing related to me.
  17. I don’t know from where to start but I will try to be precise and concise
    Ok let's start, I took my car in June 2012, since day one I complained to the sales person that I am hearing noises on speed humps
    And that’s when she refered me to Ford Service Center in Dubai, and to summarize the problem from June till now April 2013, my suspension issue did not resolve
    So what I want to ask now, why shall I take all this suffering from a car manufacturer defect, why the salesperson did not inform from the start that our mustangs cars having issues regarding the suspension, I mean that’s even consider cheating.. To buy a car for 158,000 AED (Dirham's) and then they can not solve my problem that’s even a disaster
    Any way bottom line, I took decision to sell my car and the agency agreed to buy it for 120,000 AED which means I lost around 38,000 in just 10 months
    List of problems faced:
    1.Shifting problem between the 1st and 2nd gear ( car jumps on shifting)
    2.Red leather seats start to crease and wrinkles, in addition to color changes from red to black.
    3.Braking noise in the early morning (which was explained by your professional mechanics as a normal sound!!!!)
    4.Interior pieces to started to move from its place ( and again your experts told me we can not do any thing now , once it removed totally then we can replace it)
    Now, the only thing I feel now that I want to burn my car