need advise.2 cars.??

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  1. well i got a 99 cobra ok will post pic ,it burns some oil,ok plans where to build it for k/b with say 14psi ,going to cost 10g or better i think.? i got 17,000 to spend ...should i did the car i got or get this 04 cobra vert flood car for 14,000 i think can get for bidding as not ending yet.and just put 2.8 pulley on it exh ,cai,tuning and be done after i fix 04 cobra ,i just did i mach that was worst then the 04 cobra ,so im a pro so to speak.heres the pics 99 cobra[​IMG] ok 04 cobra vert...[​IMG] or sell my 99 the way it is and by a good title 04 cobra?? heres the 03mach1 i just did [​IMG]
  2. sorry pics got mixed up heres my 99 cobra [​IMG]
  3. i got the bad boy image would i look gay in the yellow cobra with the top down???not with these chicks with me.right?[​IMG]
  4. I think you should stick with your car, I like the black with chrome wheels, looks mean. Plus, why take on the headache of a flood car. Or sell your and then you will have the money for a Cobra in mint condition and change left over for mods.
  5. my cars got 57,ooo miles on it ..the mack1 above was a flood car that i fixed in 3 weeksand to show people i droveit 280 round trip with no problems.i should stick with my 99 ill be a sleeper
  6. I would keep yours. I dont like the yellow or the vert. Black is the best color IMO. You can make your car as good as the terminator for prolly $6k.