35th Anniv need advise

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  1. i have an oppurtunity to bur a 1999 gt conv. w/ the 35th anv. package. the car has 31k and a clean title. is 12,500 a good deal?
  2. Yes, buy it. What color? Are they firm on that price?
  3. Thats not bad at all for a 31K mile 35th convertible, if indeed it is a real "Limited Edition GT"!
  4. well... i just got it home. I just crossed over to the dark side (my first Ford). I can tell this is going to be fun.

    Am I crazy if I want to put on a few upgrades? (ie. exhaust, shifter)

    Oh yeah, the car is silver with the black deal on the hood.
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  6. Yep, you are one of us now! Congrats on the new car!
  7. SWEET! Did you pay the full $12,500? Simple mods are cool, just don't go over the top on appearance items.
    If you give me the VIN# I can tell you what number your car is of the 4628 total made. PM me.
  8. I'm not planning on any aooearance stuff.... A few mods to help it breath and a shifter... thats about it. also should I try to keep the orig. exhaust? It would be easy to keep the other stuff in my garage. oh yeah and i paid 12,500.
  9. Yeah, id keep the original exhaust, i did, and i got full exhaust on mine. If you do get new exhaust, i recommend BBK long tube headers/BBK H-pipe/Mac Cat-back! :)
  10. I have already ordered the Borla "agressive" cat back system. I will be doing headers and H-pipe next year (damn mortgage). I may sell some of my other "toys" to finance some of these purchases... we'll see.
  11. You'll have a great summer now. My top goes down every chance I get! Enjoy!
  12. funny the things you notice after you have a car for a day or two... the driver rear window doesn't close fully sounds like it needs grease or something. the pass. side works fine.
  13. borla "agressive" system installed... WOW... It sounds great. I don't think I need to change anything else on the exhaust side.
  14. Before you drive it too much get some sub-frame connectors installed. It will stiffen up the car and really help to prevent the squeaks that develop over time.

    Both the Steeda and Maximum Motorsports are good ones to buy.

    Enjoy the car!
  15. shoud I get the bolt-on or weld-on type? what about strut braces?
  16. Weld in for sure. The bolt in's flex way too much.

    On coupe's STBs really don't do that much. Considering how much more flex exists in a vert, I'm not sure, but it couldn't hurt.