Need Audio Hookup Anyone???

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by SVTStang03, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. If you have any audio questions, or need a nice hookup on all the top brand products, hit me up on AIM or drop me an email. I am a dealer for most high-end brands... :banana:

    TravisWDS AIM
    [email protected]
  2. What kind of system are you running? I'm surprised not to see it in your sig.
  3. I have (2) JL Audio W6v2's and (2) Clif Designs 1200w Monoblock Amps... but they are not in my car... too much weight. I also have some Audiobahn and Daimond subs that I'm trying to get rid of...
  4. How about a hook up on a JL 12W7
  5. got a good deal on 7 in lcd for visors? or a in dash dvd reciever/ video switcher to run them?
  6. The man asked about your SYSTEM, not just your subs.

    Head unit?

    Front soundstage? Speakers? amp?

    Rear fill? speakers? amp?

    Power distribution?


    Subs & an amp do NOT make a system.
  7. Thank you! And too say you have them but they aren't in your car is a bit of a you have them in any car or are they just really awesome expensive components sitting in your garage?

  8. Hey man, shoot me an email at [email protected]

    I have some questions for ya.. Thanks!!!
  9. I have had my car for almost a month, my stereo is stock right now.
  10. [​IMG]
    T5001MH Farenheit T-5001MH 5" Headrest Module Amorphous Active Matrix TFT/LCD 5" Clam Shell Headrest Auto Signal Sensing Single Video Input Resolution: 960 x 234 Dimensions: 3.5" x 5" x .75" Farenheit 1-Year Warranty

    T5801MH Farenheit T-5801MH 5.8" Headrest Module Amorphous Active Matrix TFT/LCD 5.8" Wide Clam Shell Headrest Auto Signal Sensing Remote Control 4 Screen Modes (Full, Wide, Cinema, Zoom) OSD On Screen Display Dual Video Inputs Single Video Input Resolution: 960 x 234 Dimensions: 3.5" x 5.5" x .75" Farenheit 1-Year Warranty

    I have many more available, let me know your price-range. Same goes for the DVD/Reciever/Monitor, let me know what you want to spend, I have 100's available.
  11. Any direct replacements for the speakers (with the correct impedance) on an 04 GT with the MACH 460?
  12. ne lcd between 6-7 in? im lookin to put in visor so has to be pretty thin.

    not to expensive for the in dash unit, i dont need nav and all that crazy stuff, though i would like it to have 2 video zones so i could use the reciever to play a dvd on one side and display ps2 on the other side

  13. Hey, that's cool....I know how it goes....

    But being that you're a 'dealer of high-end' stuff, you better move your ass & get a system installed.
  14. lol SVT i think hes callin you out bro

  15. Who, me???? :p Nawwww....

    Like I said, I know how it goes....I've had my pony for about 4 months now & the stereo is still the stock Ford garbage....I tell ya, it's ****ing killin me, but I need to wait til next year when I've paid some old **** off before I throw money into the stang.

    But then, I'm not a dealer either :D :stick:
  16. Around my shop we have an unwritten rule that if you go more than a month without getting a system into your new ride you get **** every day you come to work until you do...and we don't hire any one who doesn't have a system in their ride that they did themselves. My impression from talking to other people in the industry is that this is pretty standard, that's why I was interested in learning what you had in your car when you said you were a dealer. I was expecting to see a list of MBQuart, PhoenixGold, Extant, and MTX components. Oh well, if it's not a priority for you...

  17. mtx?

  18. Hey man, it's Xtant. :) And IMO, their quality has gone down considerably since Mitek took over.

    Now as far as high end goes, how about some Brax, Helix, Sinfoni, Tru, Audison, Zapco, PG Ti or Xenon, ARC, Denon, Rainbow, DLS, Focal, I could go on for days....
  19. Yeah, they aren;t all that great now-a-days... They are based here in Tempe, Arizona still, I have seen their stuff in action.

    After I get my Kenne Bell 9PSI Kit installed my system will become a priority...
  20. Glad to hear it.