Need Audio Hookup Anyone???

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  1. MTX's 9500 series subs are the best out there right now (efficiency, power handling, extrusion rates) unless you want to get one custom made for you...that's where I was going with that.
  2. Really?

    There are no subs that are more efficient (louder), handle more power, or have higher excursion than the MTX 9500's?

    Hmmm Adire Audio Brahma, Resonant Engineering XXX, JL Audio W7 are all "off-the-shelf" subs with specs as good as, or better than, the 9500's....

    I'm not knocking the MTX9500's - but to say that they are the best out there is definitely pushing it to the extremes...

    Are they the best for balanced SQ, are they the best for a one-note burp?
  3. The Brahmas and the Resonants aren't as efficient and the JLs don't have the excursion. They are all awesome, I'm not knocking them, but if you want everything in one package off the shelf I believe the 9500s are the best out there...
  4. ok...I'll give some ground...

    Now I want to see pic's of your trunk - cuz mine looks like crap and I need some ideas for custom rack - I've got a 12w7 just waiting for me to build it a box (so I can get rid of the Polk 10's I've got in a q-logic box now)
  5. 10W7 Dumaxed Xmax is 26-27 mm, Thunder9500-25mm
    12W7 Dumaxed Xmax is 29mm, Thunder9500-25mm
    13W7 Dumaxed Xmax is 32mm, Thunder9500-25mm.

    How do you figure the JLs don't have the excusion? And excusion is not all there is to displacement or good sound. In fact it has almost NOTHING to do with good sound.

    Guess you haven't heard the news about the 9500s crushing their formers when reaching their suspension limits either have you.

    I am not trying to start anything here, but there are WAY TOO MANY great drivers out there right now, and you can NEVER, I repeat NEVER consider one as being the best. All drivers will perform differently for any given appplication; all T/S parameters will change as the driver ages and environment changes, and all drivers are only as good as the install and other components in the chain.

    The smaller and lesser known internet companies such as Adire, RE, Stereo Integrity, DD, eD, and few others are producing drivers at great prices that will outperform many mainstream brands.
  6. besides my other questions, ne good deals on dynamat or similiar?
  7. How much do you need? Like just for the trunk or the whole car?
  8. well just trunk mainly, but depends on what it costs
  9. (5) 12"x12" Pads of Accumat are $22.00
  10. 5 square feet fo $22??!!! That's a rip!

    RyanRule, check your PMs, I hooked you up with some info on some good deals on deadening.
  11. Accumat Damping Material for interior panels; trunk and doors. Box of 8 (24x27" panels)


    Accumat is the only company I work with for deadening...
  12. what about prices on a Clarion in-dash 7inch monitor/dvd player?

    any other brand that is comparable will suffice...
  13. hey KWIK9550, new guy here! can you pls send me some of that info on some good deals on deadning. Thanks

  14. Shoot me your email addy to [email protected] or hit me up on AIM at kwik9550 is you see me on.
  15. Clarion VRX935VD AM/FM/DVD Player w/CD-DVD Changer Control, Fully Motorized 7" Wide Screen Touch Panel LCD Monitor $1263
  16. so ne recommends for me?