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  1. I recently got a single Dynomax muffler put on my V6 2003 Mustang. When I went to the muffler shop they told me that out of the Flowmaster and the Dynomax, the Dynomax would be my best choice. After the new muffler was put on I noticed that it was not much different from the stock muffler. I noticed the change in performance much not much in sound. Some people say the Flowmaster would sound better and some say it is about the same. And some say that the best thing for me to do to improve sound is to run duals. I need some professional and personal advice on what I should do. I'm not to familiar or experienced in this subject so any advice would help.
  2. First, I like that name :nice:.
    Second, this topic has been covered many times, and you should do a search on it (there is a search button on the toolbar at the begining of this page).
    But, since I really like that name of yours, here's my $.02 No matter what muffler you choose you should run duals. It'll make a few more ponies and will sounds louder. When it comes to sound quality not everyone will agree on one muffler. As far as I know Dynomax are a good performance muffler, but not too loud. Flowmaster is louder and I like mine. Others say that Mac sounds even better. Go to they have a few soundclips and you can see what you like.
  3. Would it be better to run duals on the Dynomax or to run single Flowmaster?
    And what other modifications could I add to my car for looks and performance without putting a big dent in my wallet? Is cold air intake a good investment?
  4. i have a 00blkstang ......look at my s/n lol :rlaugh: anywho im planing to run dual also but im not sure on what kind so you asked the >?< for me .... hehe but im thinking flows cuz they sound soo nice but as for perfromance i dont think they do too much......
  5. I have Mac Straight Flowpath, they're some of the freest flowing chambered mufflers out there, thus giving you the most hp from the mod. What most people don't realize si that an X pipe vs an H X is going to give you an additional 1-2 hp over a H. It also makes your exhaust quite a bit louder. I'm going to take my video camera out there tomorrow and get an audio clip of my pipes....and i've never looked into dynomax so im no help there....flowmaster is probably one of least cat backs out there. however they are also the loudest, it's a tradeoff. magnaflow is also a good company to check into for duals.

    Personally, when looking for a new exhaust, I always want to go on which one that will have the most freely flowing mufflers, in case I ever want to do anything more intense to my car like a blower, it will be easier for my engine to expel that increased exhaust.

    CAI....very good investment. Check out ebay. Not bein a smartass...check it out. it'll save you a bunch of money.
  6. I think I'm going to go with the Flowmaster duals. I know its going to rumble. Is there a specific brand of CAI that I should be looking for when buying? And what exactly does it do to my car?
  7. well any quality dual exhaust will make your car loud, but don't expect to get a real deep intense rumble out of it, unless you do more serious engine work, you wont get that sound.

    CAI - what this does is bring in cooler air from your fenderwell. cooler air is denser air, so there is more oxygen. the more oxygen you have in your chamber, the more power you get from your explosion, the computer adjusts to use less gas in the piston, so you get better mileage and a little more hp.

    next i'd go get underdrive pully's. This crankshaft pully is slightly different size (forgive me i just woke up and cant remember if its bigger or smaller)....but basically slows down your belt, its running faster than it really needs to right now, therefore freeing up more hp givng your ride a bit more get up n go....i cant wait to get mine.

    my vid camera is charging ill get an audio/video clip later.
  8. get duals... go with single chambered mufflers that will really sound good!
  9. The underdrive pulley should be larger than the stock one. Having it larger would mean that it undergoes less rotation than a smaller pulley at the same RPM. Less rotation means the belts turn the other pulleys less, and thus slow down the accessories.
  10. On the cars I've had in the past I've had both dynomax and flowmasters. I think that flowmasters sound good on some v8s but are usually too loud and drone to much on v6s. I had flows on my '96 thunderbird that had the 4.6l v8 and they sounded like crap because they droned so much at certain speeds and that was on a v8.
    I had a firebird and a pontiac bonneville both with v6s with dynomax mufflers and they both sounded good. So, I would stick with dual dynomax mufflers unless you want it too be really loud. In that case remember that you can't make the v6 sound like a v8 so it'll be loud but it'll sound worse.
  11. I love my MAC duals, the are really loud and deep and were just what i was looking for. My friend has a 00' V6 Red/orange mustang and is getting custom pipes bent for it, that should be interesting to see, hes also getting high-flow cats and i assume some good mufflers (not straight pipes :nice: ) ill try to get a clip comparing his 00 to my 95... he has the money to do alot to his car, he was going to get a cobra, but the whole insurance and high costs kinda turned him off of that. So he got this 00 v6 not too long ago (<month) saving him lots of money, so he is going to supercharge it and a bunch of other things... and eventually it will be faster than my bros 01' GT conv. (which has Bassani Dualies! dear god those things were expensive, but its the loudest GT ive ever heard) :nice:
  12. Where is the best place to buy the Intake and what brand is the best?
    Also, what price should I be expecting to pay? Can any auto shop be able to put them on?
  13. by intake, i take it you mean exhaust
    and i got mine (94-03 Dual Catback exhaust from MAC 2.5") (WITH neccesary brackets) new off of ebay from "mustangwarehousecom" (theres no dot) for 299.50 including shipping, and we put it on ourselves (but thats because my father has 30 years in this field, and put the exact same kit on my bros car not but 2 years ago) but we put in a good 1 1/2 -2 hours of work in on it... so how much ever that would cost at your local shop. ours was coated with a silver finish, but the ones they have now are black and have shorter chrome pipes, mine were chrome from the ends of the mufflers on, these are just the tips, possibly the new MAC model?
    um, i think it cut the end of my other post, after its says his 00 V6
    (<month) saving him lots of money, so he is going to supercharge it and a bunch of other things... and eventually it will be faster than my bros 01' GT conv. (which has Bassani Dualies! dear god those things were expensive, but its the loudest GT ive ever heard) :nice:
  14. um...yeah...thats what i MEANT
  15. nope

    the underdrive pulley is smaller than the stock one

    that is why you need a smaller belt when you put the pulley on

    also.. don't expect alot of performance increase from the CAI.. the only thing i noticed when i put mine on was it made the exhaust rumble and give it a gurgling sound when you downshifted and and let off the gas
  16. I had the MAC cat-back exhaust on for three years (what ever kind of mufflers that came with), and recently put on CDC's side exhaust with Dynomax mufflers. I can honestly say that the Dynomax mufflers are louder and produce a nice gurggling sound. I'm not just saying they are louder because they exit to the side two feet behind me, as you can really hear the sound echoing off buildings and such. I love them!
  17. I think for now what I'll do is change my single muffler from Dynomax to Flowmaster and still if I'm not pleased with the sound I will go with duals.
    Right now the Dynomax sounds pretty good when I'm cranking my car up, but while I'm driving I don't get that deep sound or really any sound unless I'm pushin' it and even then its not enough.

    I've been seeing some Cold Air Intake systems on ebay for like $35-$50.
    Should I buy going that route?
  18. hey i just installed my dual side exit kit from spintech and i am more that inpressed(see my post in mustang talk). i would recommend spintech mufflers to everyone. i have heard a few v6s w/ flomaster duals off the y-pipe and i am almost sure mine r louder and deeper over the whole rpm range. i have gotten so many positive comments on my kit its great. i would suggest looking into some spintech mufflers even for a straight back exhaust i can only imagine that would be louder(even for a single exhaust). if n e thing duals off the y-pipe will be louder with n e muffler and making it ture dual would be even louder. i like my kit alot and would recommend it to everyone.
  19. I'd say yes. If not for the minimal performance gain, but spending $50 for an increase of 2MPG will save you money in the long run on gas.
  20. No matter what go with true duals, check local emmision laws. When choosing a muffler you have two choices, chambered and straight thru design. I prefer the straight thru for the extra performance but they are not as loud and aggresive sounding as a chambered but still turn heads with sound when you get on it. I personally love my magnaflows. :nice: