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  1. Which looks better on a 03 Mustang.....Sport racing wheels or chrome wheels?
  2. :OT:
    and we would need far more information anyway, such as the color and current mods maybe
    and pics too!
    not to mention, its all about PERSONAL preference. thats why i dont have cobra rims, because i like the Buillit style rims better!
  3. Yes, I like the bullitts on the SN95's better myself, but ended up with 16" dippid ponies instead. I couldn't pass up the steal on eBay! I agree, more information is required. What are "Sport racing wheels" anyway?
  4. alright so i have a question, what is better shorty headers or long tube headers? which will give more hp gain and/or sound? or which is better all to gether? from what i have seen they are both around the same price. . .so i dunno.

  5. Save your money, stock headers are just fine till you start pushing boost then you'll want to upgrade to LT headers, but its a waste till then, IMO.