Fox Need Bass In A Fox Hatchback

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  1. What is the most compact way to get some bass in my 91 hatch? I do not want to put a big box in like the PO had. My 79 had a tube woofer I could plug and bungee cord in the back or put on the back seat floor with the back seat down. Now, I will be using the back seat and do not want to use too much hatch space. Are there any big bass 3 way speakers that for in the stock spot or a small, custom fit box for a corner?
  2. Yeah there is not really many places in a Fox for speakers.
  3. What's big bass to you? It's hard to suggest a good setup without knowing what you're going for. Was the tube woofer in your 79 enough, as that could give me an idea?
  4. I had a jl w0 8 inch in a small box in hatch area with a Rockford punch 75 amp. Sounded much better after I added it, and didn't take up much room. Not gonna rattle your mirrors off but a stock fox radio setup is basically treble.. Lol
  5. The woofer tube was enough, but this is a louder car. I do not want to have the car vibrate like it is passing gas every time I turn it up. I just want to balance out what I can hear. Is a removable tube still the best deal?