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  1. I have 99 GT with a Vortech S Trim Charger running 6psi. The car only has 58k miles and has been sitting for some time now. Might have put 200 miles on it in 8 months. It's time for a tune and I have been thinking it's time to upgrade to #39 cobra injectors and changing the pully to run 8psi. The car has 3" Pro Chamber H-Pipe and 3" Flowmasters. Is it worth the time, $ and strain on my stock motor?
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  2. What are you #'s and ET's on the current setup?
  3. No clue. Car hasn't been to the track or on a dyno in 10 years. It feels like it is cutting in and out when I get on it in 4th and 5th. Taking it to Houston Performance this week. Just trying to figure out if spending the extra $600 to upgrade the injectors and pully is worth it. The car has been boosted for 12 years without a problem. I just figured if I ever was going to make more power, now is the time to do it while installing the new tune. I'm guessing 320-350 hp with the new tune at 6psi and maybe 350-370hp on 8psi. Just based on what I have read.
  4. I would go with 42# and a fuel pump
  5. Flstang brings up a good point. What does your fuel system consist of? I definitely wouldn't run 8psi on the stock pump and I'd go no smaller than 42# injectors
  6. I should probably just leave it the way it is and get the new tune. Have any of you had any experience with Houston Performance?
  7. You can always have a little bit bigger injector and fuel pump than what you need and write the tune accordingly. My take on it is, id rather have something a little more than what I need and have it work efficiently rather than have something maxed out(I know that is not always the case though). On the flip side, you will have a better base to build on later.
  8. Agreed. I am upgrading the fuel pump and injectors Friday. Going up to 8psi as well.
  9. Glad to hear it. The fuel upgrades will most likely solve your cutting-out issues at higher RPMS. What fuel pump did you decide to go with?
  10. Walbro, because of the price.