Need Camaro question help?

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  1. My buddy has the ability for what could be a killer deal. He works at a dealership and just took in a 1999 Orange Camaro SS with 38,000 miles for $3500. He can but it from his work for $5000. Trying to find out if its a real SS or not. Its says SS on the tail and fenders and has the plaque by the radio. The problem is I see it has 4 tail pipes (def stock) and SS only had one, he said the seats dont have a SS on them and the car is an automatic. Is it real? The vin is 2G1FP22G4X211B810, where would I go to try and find out. I am not a member of any GM sites and dont want to sigh up. So I cant ask at any of the forums.
  2. You a RPM Planets forum member ? It has Ford GM and Dodge sections in on it.
  3. In addition, a real SS will have the WU8 (SS Performance/Appearance Package) RPO code on the driver's side door sticker. An SS with optional SLP content will also have the Y2Y RPO. Cars with the Y2Y RPO also have a SLP sticker on the passenger door (1998 to 2000) or a a SLP sticker in the engine compartment (1996). This sticker will list all of the Y2Y options installed when the vehicle was altered by SLP.
  4. I had no idea I was a member, dont recall ever going there:shrug:
  5. Tell him to check to see if it has a V8 in it obviously, then run it thru carfax to see if it was a Katrina car then check the vin number and more than likely it is either a Z28 or a V6.

    All SS model Camaro's had the manual tranny I believe. The Z28s were the ones optioned with a V8 and AT.
  6. Thanks for the help but we found out the car is a real SS (has the WU8) marking and the guy who traded it in is the first owner and just brought back the window sticker. Car is a ONE OWNER SS T-Top with the optional auto tranny and is Hugger Orange with 38K original miles. It has spent its whole life in Hawaii and is still there where my best friend is about to take it home for $4800, I hate him :nonono: JK he is a real good guy and deserves such a great deal. I it was me id detail it than sell it for 20K and go nuts on my Cobra, but thats just me :shrug:
  7. Camaros are aight, but Mustangs ride and handle better.

    I'd buy a C5 over a LS1 F-body.
  8. I didnt think the A/T were an option for SS's.

    That is a helluva score for a car although I woulda wanted a 6 speed.
  9. Yeah you could get an SS with A/T. Not a whole lot of difference between Z28 and SS
  10. The car is an SS. In 1999 they made Hugger Orange Z/28's and SS's(know know guys that have them)

    The A4(4l60e) was available in both the Z/28 and SS with either a 2.73 rear gear GU2 or a 3.23 GU5 option.
  11. Too bad he didn't live around here. This area is Camaro central and could sell it for a lot of money. On more than one occasion I've seen guys around here who get the window decal on their car spelled "Camero" I wish I lived somewhere else.
  12. A GM dealer can check out the vehicle build using their Vehicle Information System, with the VIN.