need carb for my II, I live in BFE....HELP ME!!!

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by lorangogrl, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. I have a 76 II, V6, 2.8L, automatic, with solid lifters, and I am in DESPERATE NEED of a 2 bl carb. I have gotten the run around from all the "chain" parts stores that are available in my area, and was hoping that someone may be able to help me find one online from a RELIABLE source that won't charge too much. My stang has been sittin for almost 5 years, but I would really LOVE to get her runnin, she may be ugly (so my hubby says) but she is FUN to drive. I more then likely will need other parts as well once I get the carb on and see what else it needs. I know it will need brakes, rotars, and prob brake lines. My plan is to keep it stock engine and components and customize exterior/interior (someday, when and if money allows) If my hubby had his way, he would haul her to the bone yard, :mad::nono:he has a 65 stang with a 289, manual, and all i hear is my car is better then yours, at least mine I would greatly appreciate any and all comments/suggestions!!

  2. Welcome to the site. :flag:

    What your hubby doesn't realize is that you II will actually get more attention, since you don't see very many of them. Everybody has seen a '65 stang so big deal. Heck i have a '66 and I'd rather play with my II. :D

    Anyways... back to your situation... Why not just rebuild your 2bbl? i rebuild all my carbs. Anymore I just buy cores at swapmeets and rebuild them. $300 for a new carb everytime I need one is alot of cheddar to lay down. Usually a kit runs $20 for a Niehoff kit from Napa or CSK Auto for the 2100/2150 Motorcraft 2bbl. There is a possibility that you have a Holley 2100/2150 or 5200 (webber style) on that V6 of yours.

    I don't see any CSK Auto stores, but I'm guessing there is at least a Pep Boys and certainly a Napa. Here's a search online of what Napa has-

    For some reason I cannot link directly to the searched results, but if you input your car's info, you'll see there them.

    Napa lists a reman carb aswell as rebuild kits. If you are going to rebuild it you'll need to dip the carb in a cleaning solution or have it dipped at a friend's place or shop (or kitting it won't do any good) so keep that in mind. I've seen this dip in 1 gal and 5 gal containers that you can purchase. I have a 5 gal that i've used for a few years. You can certainly use it more than once. :nice:
  3. I rebuilt the carb on the Ghia (2.8 V6) and it still had issues.

    I found these guys online and ordered another carb for it a few months back. That solved the problem! :nice:

    Carburetor Kits Coming Soon
  4. yeah, well, we already tried the whole rebuild thing. My lil bro is a mechanic, anyways, the reason that we even attempted to rebuild is cos we thought that the accel pump seal was bad, thus the reason that when she did run, it was constantly dying, sputtering, cos we had already went through all the electrical, etc. Plus when my uncle had it, he had already rebuilt the carb and when he did, he noticed the seal was one of those that was made of leather type material and not rubber, and he replaced it, etc. Don't really know everything about it, but I do know that the carb I have is SHOT, and can't find one like it! We live in bfe as i said before!! We have to drive almost an hour to go to a "decent" parts store, and then its just o'reileys, which i despise, cos here they NEVER have the part you need, it has to be ordered, or if they do have the part, it isn't EVER the right one, and we have autozone...they are just outrageously priced, and we also have an advanced autoparts, with whom i am boycotting, because I already went there and found a carb, (cheapest I could find for what i needed.) and ordered it, paid upfront, like they told me to. It will be in in about 1-2 weeks they say cos they order straight from manufacturer....well, 2, 3, then 4 weeks goes by...I call em, yeah still waitin, etc. they say still dont' have it...then by the 2 month waiting i was PISSED.:mad: Granted I am female, BUT NOT ALL FEMALES ARE STUPID, and you DON"T HAVE TO TREAT US THAT WAY!! anyways, had the run around with the shift manager, then went above him to the store manager, then district before i finally got my money back (by this time it was 3 months) Apparently (so they say) was that when I paid for the part, it was suppose to come from some warehouse in cali, to their warehouse in arkansas, then shipped to the store, well, then management positions were all changed, etc. EXCUSES.....:notnice:

    Anyways..long story short, I get the run around, or have to pay like 400 for a carb, thus the reason that she is still sittin and rottin, cos I can't afford that right now. And am havin a terrible time trying to find ANYONE in my area that will even help me out, or that even knows what I am talkin about when I say 76 mustang II. They are few and far between here, and if someone does have em, they are parted out, or scrapped for front wheel drive dirt track race cars.....what a waste! I have been tryin to find a company or store fairly close to me to get parts, but as of now, I think it may just be less of a headache if i just put a different engine in it completely. Although, I don't wanna cos of all the stang II's i have seen that look like mine....NONE of em are a v6....guess there was a reason for that?? I was teasin my hubby, yeah well, we can always just drop a good ol chevy 350 in it and put a decal on the back window that says "BUILT FORD TOUGH WITH CHEVY STUFF!!" (he didn't like that too much....heheh...) But at least I KNOW i can find parts for a 350 chevy, not to mention, after owning my 74 nova, I KNOW HOW TO DO IT MYSELF!! lol.

    Any other suggestions??? websites, etc. please help. i am getting frustrated really. I love that car, and wanna keep it, cos it is more rare then my old mans 65, and she was fun to drive, but if she's gonna be this big a pain to fix, then i may just have to sell her, cos I don't think I can afford it right now. Just bought a new house, etc. I just don't wanna see her hacked up for parts or for a stupid roundy-rounder
  5. Ebay is where i have been finding a lot of mustang ii items lately.
    I usually see those carbs listed, but i just checked after reading your post, and there are none today.
    Keep checking Ebay though, someone will have one eventually.
    Good luck.
  6. Something to think about: The 2.8 responds VERY well to a bit of "over-carburetion" so look for a 2bbl carb off a 302. ANY 302. Should make the search a lot easier...

    My first II had a 2.8 and needed a carb. so I tossed a known-good stock carb from a newer 302. The ONLY downside I found was that I lost about 1mpg (but it felt like it gained at LEAST 10 hp, so I was more than happy)
  7. Don't forget that Holley 2bbls will work aswell. Doesn't have to be a Motorcraft. Two of the many V6 cars I had were topped with Holleys from the Factory. I'm really surprised that a rebuild didn't cure the problem. Been rebuilding carbs for a long time now, always had pretty good success. (never could afford a new one, so i had to get good at rebuilding them) Is there a posibility of other problem areas with the engine?

    When surfing for another 2bbl, there are 3 different styles. There are curved back, flat back, and notched back carbs. This talks about the area at the back of the carb on the base plate between the rear driver and passenger mounting studs. (I'll try to gather up pics to illustrate this) The Holleys I had were Flatbacks and i believe so were the Motorcrafts. Although I think I've seen notchback ones on II's aswell. Also on the driver's side fuel bowl on Motorcraft/Autolite carbs you find a # within a circle. Typically all the smallblock V8 had a carb with # 1.08 and I believe the V6s were the same. There were some smallblockes with a 1.12 aswell. This number was the venturi size in inches. When searching Holleys you want a 350cfm carb.
  8. Did you win that one?:shrug:
  9. Me? Or the lady looking for one? i didn't bid, i used it as an example.
    i am using a holley 600cfm on mine.

  10. Yes, they do. And they work well.

    And you can still get rebuild kits for the Holley.

    I have the small Holley, got it with a 302. Rebuilt it and put it on the V6, then for fun put it on a 351.

    The 6 revved like a SOB, choked the 351 at about 3500 but DAMN! The low end throttle response was fantastic!
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