Need Dash Pad 1978 Cobra

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  1. 42578481-17F0-49CA-A5A0-B25EC84C569D.jpeg Hello, I’ve read in quite a few places on the internet that there are reproduction dash pads for the 1974 - 1978 Mustang II / Cobras. However they have very old dates attached to the information.

    Is there any place to buy a reproduction dash pad?

    I ordered the original seat covers, aluminum dash inserts w ashtray and center console pad armrest to clean things up a bit in the interior. Any help/direction is appreciated.
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  2. I’ve seen this but it is described as a plastic “cover”. These plastic pieces look good once installed? I’m not a fan of these plastics pieces and would like to have a complete replacement piece as the original.

    If no reproduction replacements are sold, is there a known upholstery shop that I can send my old one to that can do the job?

    Thank you