Need Exhaust Help!

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  1. ok so, I have a 95 gt and i'm looking into a new exhaust setup. i'm going with the BBK longtube headers but I cant find a shorty h pipe from bbk for my car! I've been told that I could get the bbk shorty h pipe for a 79-93 and I would just have to move the hangers to make it work. is this true? or otherwise what about the 96-98 4.6 shorty h pipe? it's really frustrating how 94/95 is the only one without a shorty h pipe..:bang:
  2. What exhaust set-up are you looking into ? ... and to be honest .not too sure about the hanger idea... id do a bit more research and look into it on youtube etc.... but if all else fails... just go to the nearest exhaust shop and they can fab you up a 2.5inch Shorty H pipe no problem ;)
  3. I had the same problem a couple of years ago when I was looking for the BKK long-tube H-pipe. I called around everywhere and was able to find both the off-road and cat versions at Brother’s Performance, so I bought one of each. They weren’t listed on their site, so the salesman had to check to see if they had any left in stock. They also slapped on a pretty good mark-up in addition to the shipping charge – I’m not sure if they’re just pricey to begin with or if it was price gouging, but after a long search I was just happy to find the parts.

    It’s really sad how many companies are discontinuing parts for the ‘94/’95 Mustangs. It seems like most of the manufacturers are cutting back on our vintage cars. A lot of the parts that I’ve wanted to buy and taken for granted for years are no longer available.

    Good luck with your search!
  4. Someone just had this problem. The generic Summit X-pipe H-pipe or whatever is designed to fit on BBK headers.

  5. bbk makes a race x pipe with out cats....that's your best bet
  6. just an update if anyone cares: I went with the BBK non ceramic longtubes and the "Matching" x pipe...which doesn't fit worth s**t. a lot of prying and bolt manipulation and it's finally bolted in there and sounds AMAZING just waiting on the reflash to come back on my 4 bank eliminator and hopefully it will run again because the thing kept dying on me for some reason.... :shrug::bang::fuss::fuss: