Need for Speed Underground

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  1. Any of you guys grabbed this game for PC/PS2/Xbox yet?

    its a very good game.
    its packed full of imports, so that might deter some of you guys, but its an awesome game.

    its got a "crack" effect to it kinda like diablo ii because there are alo of things you can do to your car.

    try it guys.
  2. yea i've play'd underground..its a pretty good game..esp the drifting and drag sections...

    but the drag section truely remind u of the fast and the furious
  3. I want to get ford racing 2. It looks pretty cool and only costs $15 ;)
  4. This game is the most rediculous POS ever. It plays just like every other NFS, but the rice factor is through the roof.

    I'm keeping my money for a real racing game. Ala Gran Turismo 4.
  5. well compared to alot of the dissapointing games that ahve been released lately wit the urban street racing theme, i tinhk it realy shines in terms of the effort put into teh graphics and gameplay. i nkow its nothing state of the art in terms of graphics, but still looks pretty good for a game that has been ported from console to PC.

    i thought tokyo extreme was OK
    and midnight club was horrible
  6. im not counting on ford racing 2 to be to great. i had the first one(got it for free) for playstation and it was crap. i liked nfs hot pursuit 2 though(it had a cobra r and cop cobra r what more could u want) so ill probably check out underground
  7. there are no mustangs or F bodies unfortunately hehe

    alot of the races are in narrow city streets, which have alot of traffic to dodge

    most american cars do not have the handling characterisitics to survive the tracks.

    in an attempt to keep some of the realism in driving physics, they did not include american muscle. i woulnd't make sense to see our type of cars puling some of those crazy ass moves.

    however i am no way implying that NFS underground is a realisitc game . alot of those jumps you do would **** your car up royally in real life. and no idiot races in busy traffic filled city streets.

    i am just merely implying that alot of the driving physics in that game are fairly accurate in regards to the individual cars and the way they behave in game.
  8. not to mention a 10lb nitrous bottle would last you more than 5 seconds. but yeah, aside from a lil rice-iness with all the stickers and ****, its a pretty good game. graphics are amazing, and despite the fast and furious style drag racing its still extremely fun. quit whining about it being imports and a few domestic compacts and enjoy it.
  9. What if they don't like imports?

    I'm just sick of all video game companies assuming that teenagers are all just a bunch of freaking ricers and that anything with classic cars won't sell.
  10. so neons got good handling?. the coulda stuck a focus in there.
  11. they have neons
    and focuses

    those are not muscle
    fairly agile cars because of their size i guess?

    oh, and another thing
    i tihnk a large majoroty of the teenager age category is ricer unfortunately. EA really knows how to make money hehe. their target audience is right on with this game.
  12. im teenager
    rice bad
  13. i am also a teenager
    rice bad too

    once u start progressing later into the game, you get into the real **** man

    u unlock supras and 350z and skylines, integra type R's, s2000's
    the real **** man. those cars are not rice.
  14. i only like the skyline and supra in yur list there
  15. theres an s2000 at my work that runs a traction limited 13.2 even though its set up for circuit racing. the sound of that turbo just makes the drool drip down the side of my mouth.
  16. similar thing here at my college...kid has a aftermarket turbo'd eclipse...the sound of blowoff valves are awesome!!!
  17. Yeah I played it, it is definately geared towards rice. I love the game, it is fun to play. I could do without the import scene, but instead of fighting it I joined them.

    I took my RX7 put a blue wing on it, painted the body with this putred orange colour, strapped as many stickers on as I could, put 4 layers of vinyl on the body, a pink neon underbody, red rims, and straped the turbo and NAWZ on and yeehaw! That was the baddassidnist rx7 I have ever seen. :jester:
  18. Hey Brahma, I see you're on this forum too (as well as the DE forum) :nice:

    I think my nick is KingBEEST over on the DE forum. I haven't posted much lately.
  19. the gameplay is pretty good, that is the only reason i got it, basically to hold me over until GT4 comes out
  20. i want a ps2 or an xbox but i'm poor....