Need for Speed Underground

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  1. I picked up this game a few days ago, I'm having fun with it.

    Strong Points:

    PC version with good hardware makes it the prettiest racing game to date.
    Insane amount of visual customization
    Great sense of speed (Hence the need)
    One of the only games with FUN drag racing
    Drift mode is awesome

    Weak Points:

    No replays. They would look sooo sweet.
    Physics may be too arcadey for some
    The tuning is very basic, just upgrade to level 1, 2, 3 parts...

    I got it from for only 30 bux. Well worth it.
  2. I guess you haven't played midtown madness 3?
  3. wow, who cars if its all ricer cars... i meen im sure you can d/l some cars sonner or later dont just flame the game cuse it has ricer cars in there. im not a ricer and i love the game
  4. man that game is badass.
    I'm out of a job so lots of free time in my hands, and beat the game in like 5 days, I just couldn't stop playing it I was having too much fun.
    Who cares if cars are imports, sometimes I think some people here take the whole rice thing too far. Honestly I would take a V6 accord over my car any day. Its sooo badass, its fast, my mom's got one and I drive it whenver I get the chance. The interior is so much better than mine, its got all these toys that by owning mustangs I can only dream about.
    Dont get me wrong I love my mustang...but geez, what wrong with imports. Just cause it comes from another country its rice? If I had the 2 door V6 accord, and a guy with a mustang said wanted to race me, called me a ricer, then raced me, and lost, i would punch him in the face for being an idiot.
  5. I like the game...its fun to play...the nitrous is pretty much useless though....they should give you less but more of a punch...or something along that lines...only thing i dont like about the game is how you can make a car bad ass with certain parts....but you have to use all the parts to get the 5 star factor....some cars don't need wings...i don't want the carbon fiber speed hood on all of my cars...but to get the most points you have to rice your car to hell....thats the only thing i don't like...
  6. I'm not touching this one.

  7. just my opinion.
    alot of 90 degree in that game
    and alot of tight turns.

    i find the smaller your car is in that game, the better.
    that why i avoided buying the supra when it was unlocked.
  8. Aftermarket turbo i assume.. since they didnt come turbo'd from the factoy
  9. I hear there is a cheat that when applying stickers it will give your "ryde" more horsepower. :nice:
  10. WORST NEED FOR SPEED GAME EVER!!!!! :notnice:

    After playing it for about 15 minutes at Wal-Mart I have NO desire to EVER play it again. And the rice factor is not the main reason I didn't like the game, but it sure as **** doesn't help it either.
  11. A corolla with an aluminum wing is rice.

    A skyline with money spent under the hood is not.

    Get it right!

    btw: I own every NFS game, and this is definately one of the best.
  12. NFS Underground was a great game. It really had a high fun factor to me. A lot of people might not like the ricyness point of it, butlook past that. Its definately worth buying.
  13. i might get it for chirstmas
  14. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is sweet, yeah it's full of rice and I'm as much a rice hater as the rest of you but it's still a really great game. Theres a good 10 people I work with that are hooked on it. We come in every day talkin about what track we're stuck on and what we did to our cars. It's a lot of fun. My only complaint is that the Online mode SUCKS... it's super laggy, theres a lot of cheaters, and people disconnect when they're not goina win. But its worth checkin out.
  15. Perhaps you could get a gamecube. That's what I have. It's only 99$ now, and you can play NFS:Underground on it.

    The NFS series is just an awesome series. The physics are the perfect blend of realism and fun factor, especially since they switched to the 4 wheel physics model in Porsche Unleashed. Now you can really feel the difference between all the different vehicles as you drive them. I've seen racing games with like 100 cars in them, and they all feel so similar when driving them, *cough*Gran Turismo*cough* among others. There's really no point in getting different cars except some have higher acceleration and top speed so you win more races. Motor City Online was so badass, but the users killed it, they should have used the drag racing system that they used in Underground though, as far as throttle and shifting goes. It would have made the drag race mode so much more fun. I'm not so into the ricer scene in Underground but it's an awesome game. It just wish I wasn't unlocking so many damn vynyls and stickers! Most of them are so nasty and ricerish, and even though you can put four layers of vynil and many many stickers, I've never been able to make a good looking car with more than 3 vynils. It gets too busy and the outer layers cover most of the inner layers and such. The racing is tons of fun though. Even the drift mode is pretty fun.

    Gran Turismo has nothing on NFS! :D

    BTW the graphics for Underground were done by Industrial Light and Magic, the movie special effects group. Which explains why the road is so damn shiny it looks like every race is run in the rain. Other than that though, the graphics are pretty good.
  16. Went to play it over at a friend's house yesterday. It was pretty bad ass.. but it was a bit colorful to me.. :( oh yea and like Brahma Bull said, "the rice factor is through the roof"
  17. :hail2: Motor City Online
    Have you heard of it? The best racing game ever. Very realistic physics. Tons of parts and customization. You could take an engine in "real life" and buy the same parts for it in the game and the performance would be almost the same. Cars from the 30s to the 90s. Mostly 60-70s muscle cars. Engines were easy to build. If you set the suspension up right you could beat anything. If you had no idea what each type of suspension part did to your car, you would lose horribly. Lots of tracks through cities, dirt roads, and lots of 90 degree turns.
    Sadly, EA killed this game. Just not enough people into the Muscle car scene. Towards the end of the days, the designers brought in the 90.. something Eclipse and 93 Supra, to try them out with the Motor City users. I would assume they were a hit. They are the same ones on Underground. They took the designers away and used a good few of them to create Underground.
    It is a good arcade racer, but hardly realistic. I know all of the cars didn't start out with the same kind of power so how do they all end up with the same performance at the end? I've already heard comments that Skyline GT-R's are slow, based on the fact that any car in the game can beat any other car in the game. :rolleyes: I know... it makes it more fun since there are less cars, but eh.
    About Gran Turismo.. whoever said that about all the cars feeling the same. They all feel very different. You want oversteer? Take the Mustang Cobra R with 7xx horsepower around the track. You want to be on rails? Take the Viper GTS with 1xxx horsepower. Hell the BMW 330i or whatever had 46x hp and it couldn't handle it. Yet the Toyota MR2 could take 49x hp like a man. etc, etc.
    That was long. :banana:
  18. Uhm, Gran Turismo has everything on NFS underground.. :rolleyes:

    If anything, all the cars in NFS underground feel the same. Even all those so-called "licensed-manufacturer" mods all make the same effect - How can that be "real"?

    NFSU is a good game, thats why i bought it. But its just way too arcadish. Also it seems pretty hard - like if you were first throughout the entire race, and you make one mistake, its like they just come out of nowhere and overtake you.
  19. That would be the "catch up" or "rubberband" effect. It was used in the latest Test Drive game also. You can run them into the wall and run clean, but eventually they will always catch back up. It makes it more challenging or annoying, whichever way you like.
  20. I totally agree. Motor City online was really cool, but the users killed it. Everybody was so goal oreiented it was hard to find people that would race on the tracks and modes that don't have a huge payoff. If they used the shifting-throttle system that they used in Underground the drag races would have been a lot more fun and less boring. They probably didn't tho cause you have to have an analog throttle in order to do it, and they couldn't guarantee that computer players would. I love the entire NFS series and the people that program the game are awesome, but I can't stand the way EA publishes, promotes, and supports their games. Unfortunately they have a talent for picking good games to publish though.