Need GOOD opinions on svo build

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  1. ok im thinking about getting another svo, My other unit when I had it i wasnt the most technically skilled, but now since ive had 10+ cars and have taken classes and other bs, im looking for another good svo over the usual 5.0. So im looking to spend about 7k on the engine/drive train. i already know the supsension and trans, all the other stuff (fuel etc) but the engine not so much, If it was a 5.0 it would be done already lol.

    ok so parts list im thinking of:
    essy aluminum head
    essy cam
    custom intake
    70mm tb
    megaquirt or an other standalone
    injectors (?)
    big fmic (3" tubing)
    not sure on the turbo yet t4 though
    3" exhaust
    lots of fuel and a good tune!!

    ok I need to finish my list of parts!! What is a good standalone that is user friendly?
    This will be my dd if I decide to go this route, so it needs to purr like a kitten daily.
    also it will see 20psi or less, nothing crazy, just want it to be a fast 4 banger!!!

    any other opinions would be apreciated!!
  2. Skip the 70mm TB. It's overkill and you'll hate the part-throttle driveability it gives you. Hell, I have a 60mm one on mine from a '95 GT, and even the touchiness of it can be annoying.

    Also, I'd look at cams beyond just Esslinger. There are other places that make ones that are just as good but a lot cheaper.
  3. I've got a "plug and play" megasquirt based ECU on my site below. It's the best bang for the buck standalone on the market.

    Before deciding on injector size and such, you need to tell us your hp goal...and you need to run more than 20psi ;)

    Oh, and 3" IC tubing is overkill for almost any "obtainable" power level.
  4. i was looking a lot at your site stinger for IC's and such. i know i personally dont have any real HP goals in mind but my platform would be a notch, i'd like to run around the 25-30psi range with a holset(HX35, i dont know the exact I.D. but it'd be off a cummins), i know i need to look at what i'd need for a sturdy c4. what i'm really wondering is what i should look @ to keep from breaking things and the best way to obtain that goal. i dont really know how to estimate HP with a turbo 4cyl running psi in the 20s. i really wish i could make this post more organized and such but i have to go, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. 25-30psi with a Holset, assuming you have all of the supporting mods to do so would make somewhere between 365-425hp depending on the quality of the parts surrounding it (header, exhaust, intake, ecu, etc.).

    That power level won't break anything internally on a stock turbo engine as long as the tune is in check.