Need Headlight Advice

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Stanger16, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I cracked the corner light of my stock headlights on my 98 V6 and I'm looking to buy new lights.. Can't decide what style to go with as well as going to LED or HID. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to avoid the ricer look and I just want something that will improve the outside look
  2. i went with the blacked out cobra style headlights from american muscle, they look really nice espcially if you have a dark colored vehicle, the only problem is if you crack one of them, they don't sell individual pieces, trust me i checked when i smashed my corner light, anyways on the subject of light source i went hid, because with alot of the led stuff i've seen there really not that bright, but if you go with hid you want to stay close to the color white because if you get the dark blue or purple or green they are hard to see with and just makes it not worth it, i've got diamond blue or 8000k which has a tint of blue but is still mostly white, also if you go with hid and your looking to buy a kit you want to make sure you get a kit that is dual beam, so you will have hi/lo beam headlights.
  3. Anyone else have a suggestion on style?
  4. Ive always been an OEM lights guy but I picked up a set of clears for my coupe and I love them
  5. HID's are great but they take a lot of power, a relay is almost a must (still haven't put mine on yet, being lazy). Halo's are great and americanmucle offers great deals on headlights or you can look around on ebay, but I found that after I changed the headlights i wanted to change all the lights. I think that light colored cars look better with blacked out lights and darker cars look better with chrome. The exhaust tip and sound of the motor I think is was really makes a car look like a ricer (Also huge metal spoiler). Any headlight you get should make it look like a ricer.
  6. OEM 96-98 Cobra headlights.

    Unless you plan on retrofitting projectors, do not use HID's in a halogen housing. You'll just blind everyone.

    No LED's a Benz if you want that look
  7. I have have halos on my 97 for awhile till I hit a Dear and busted one .. So I reverted back to the stock OEM clears for clean and clear visibly and just upgrade the 9007 bulbs to a higher brightness and I was completely satisfied with the outcome. Saves time from modding anything and still gives it a good flow.
  8. i have 6000k HIDs on my 94 and i do get flashed a lot by other drivers that think i have my brights on or something but no cops have bothered me about them so i would recommend them they give the car a nice look as well.