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My 5.0 wont crank

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  1. I have a 87 5.0. its drove perfectly but now it wont start. i here the starter spinning but it doesnt crank. i got a new battery and sparkplugs. didnt work. people told me it could be the flywheel. i already bought the flywheel but it cost 300 to install and before i go install i want to know if anyone knows is this what it needs so i dont go and waste my money and it doesnt start. please help
  2. so, it could be a couple things.

    bad starter, broken starter gear or a few teeth broken off the flywheel. when you say flywheel, i assume you mean its a stickshift.

    to rule out the flywheel, turn the engine over a little bit with a ratchet and try to start it. this will move it past the section with the broken teeth. if it starts, you prob. have a bad flywheel.

    if not, pull the starter. if the gear looks ok and isnt all chewed up, then you just have a jacked up starter. take it to the parts store, many parts stores can test it.
  3. If the starter is engaging the flywheel/flexplate and turning the motor over then that is not the problem. I assume when you say "crank" you mean the engine does not "start/run" and that sounds like a spark/ignition issue to me.

    First you need to check and make sure you have good spark at the plug. Remove one and put the boot back on it, let it rest on the header and turn the car over. If you have a strong blue spark then it's not ignition and could be fuel related.

    If you don't have spark or a weak spark then it could be the coil, ignition module, etc. The module is mounted on the distributor and can be removed and checked by most parts stores. The coil can be checked by removing the coil wire from the distributor cap and grounding it with a screw driver and looking for a good blue spark again. It is also possible the electronics in the distributor have gone bad as I have experienced this but it's usually over time and the car will start to miss before it dies.

    If all the above checks out then you need to look at fuel. Can you hear the pump prime when you turn the key on? If so check pressure at the schrader valve on the fuel rail to see if there is pressure there. If you have fuel pressure to the rail then you should be good. If you have both fuel and spark there is no reason the car shouldn't try to fire even if it runs bad.