Need Help !!! 2004 Gt No Brake Lights

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  1. I have a 2004 mustang gt I have no brake lights. I have power every where I have also changed fuses,bulbs,brake switch and also the blinker switch, I am lost can anyone plz help.
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    When you say you have power everywhere-does that include at the brake light switch? Also have you checked the ground wires?
  3. i had that happen once with an 03 but mine wouldnt come out of park either, i had kicked some of the wires under the dash and the ones for the brake switch came loose
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  4. The grounds are
    The grounds were showing good I have power in and out of the brake light switch.
  5. All of the wires are tight and have power I checked the wires when I changed the switch.
  6. CONFIRM +12 volts at the high mounted 3rd brake light using a KNOWN good ground.

    IF no voltage at the 3rd brake light but confirmed voltage at the brake pedal switch the problem MUST be a wiring fault between the two locations.

    Before chasing a wiring fault I strongly urge you to double check your work or a wild goose chase could be in your future.
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  7. Start in the drivers side kick panel. There are a lot of connectors in there that run from the front harness to the rear of the car. I've seen them get dirty, broken or pinched over the years and cause odd problems.
  8. Your turn signals and hazards work OK?
  9. the left blinker is fast but the right blinker is normal hazards work fine
  10. I will check that thank you
  11. Does anyone know if the multi-funcition switch can cause this problem?
  12. NO! Why? Because the high mounted 3rd brake light does not go through the multi-function switch. Hence the reason why best to over all brake power test location is at the 3rd brake light.
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