need help 5.0 or 3.8

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  1. is it cheaper to build up a 3.8 or 5.0 i would like to have a v6 but like the preformance out of a 5.0
  2. cheaper to do the 5.0 no doubt about it. 5.0 is just a better motor then the 3.8 and youll make more power with less money in the end.
  3. yeah but parts for the 3.8 cost less, but by the time you get all the parts for the 3.8 to equal the 5.0 after a intake, head swap, and somethin else you might end up spending less money. And you get more respect when some one asks you, "what you got under thar?" you can say "v8, 5 liters of american muscle" actually you might wanna quote the C.I. so you sound more american... I would go with teh 5.0, hey it rymes at least
  4. yeah and when this new motor goes out i am either going to build up a 351 carbed motor and drop it in or put my built carbed 302 in if i can find strong enough trannies for them both.
  5. that will be cool thinkin about a 5.o got to have on i no that motor well didnt no if i will be happy with v6 i heard that the v6 is pretty sloppy on preformance im just starting out been with mustangs every since i could talk so thanks guys i going 5.0
  6. Why do some of you think the 5.0 parts cost more. 4.6 parts are expensive 5.0 parts are cheap as hell. Maybe 3.8 parts are even cheaper I dont know? My brother had a 5.0 and the engine quit on him and she shoved a 427 in it and that thing was extremely fast, he might have spent 3,500 on the full engine. The cheapest way to go fast is to buy a 5.0 with a rolling chasis (no engine or trany) for maybe 2,000 and put a big block engine in and get a beefed up trany. Then you will run mid to low 12's all day long even if your a sucky driver, and spend 10,000 tops.
  7. If you don't have either one yet, then defintiely go 5.0 if you are looking to build it up. The two extra cylinders make quite a bit of difference. I'm only messing around with the V6 because I already had it when I got the mod bug. 5.0 parts are a dime a dozen and that engine repsonds much better to mods than the V6, imo.
  8. i picked up my 5.0 coupe for 2000 bucks its a aod but its mucher more fun then my friends v6 stang