need help and advice!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by blueskaterboy, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. my friend knows this guy who is selling a mustang. well its his dad's mustang, and he wont be home until tuesday night...
    i dont know thaat much about mustangs except that ones around the late 60s are beautiful so i need help.

    it is a 1968 fastback. my friend said he thinks the guy said it was a 6 cylinder. it has cobra emblems, and i think it says 302. from waht i saw it does have rollcage, massive drag tires in the rear and some kind of crazy camber. the wife said her husband is asking $7k. i'll probably start talkin with like $4-5k...

    its just such a beautiful car. so im wondering... i guess its cheap because it is just a mustang, and maybe they need money? they also have a really beat up old porsche 911 that needs a serious paint job because i dont know what color it used to be. im really confused i mean why would someone build it into a drag car if its a 6 cylinder?

    i wont really know until i talk to the guy when he gets back but any advice or anything will reallly be appreciated... im willing to build/buy a new motor and replace stuff

    i currently have an 11 sec rx7, soon to be 9 sec so i know all about stuff that needs to be fixed... i just need an idea of prices, and what to look out for when buying and owning a 68 mustang.

    id really like to have a beautiful scary looking car that will pop wheelies and rape the hell out of ricers.