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  1. I have the oppurtunity to buy a 78 mach-1 today...(302) t-top fast-back auto with only 86k origanal miles, new exhaust,tires and brakes... its in VERY good condition, the only thing is the paint is a little faded... they are asking $2500, but I talked them down to 2k.

    I am 16, and was looking to get a older car to "restore" myself and have a little fun -w- afterwards, as I have all the supplies, and some experiance to do most of the work (painting and slightly decking out).

    I dont know a whole lot about the M~II so I wasnt sure if its worth the price, and if I should buy it or not. :bang:

    Thanks for any help

  2. If the car truely is in that good of shape, just needing paint, then I'd say yes, it's worth 2k for sure. That's a nice model to have. The Mach 1 is a unique body style, and the T-tops are a nice option, as is the 302/auto. I'd say that's a great first car to get, especially if you want to do some work to it. Good luck, and let us know if you get it!
  3. Thanks for the reply, I am in Minnesota, and its REALLY hard to find any older cars that are in decent shape underneath... I looked it over, and am sure it couldnt have been in MN long unless it was stored winters. Its black/yellow, Im thinking about putting a fresh coat of yellow on and if possible leaving the black, other than that the only obvious problem is the drivers seat is cracked at the seams (easy fix).

    I do have a few questions about the II's

    1. how is the power -w- the 302 auto, does it pull strong?

    2. are there any "have to have" easy mods I could put on it?

    3.why have I heard people put down the II's, are they not very popular?

    Thanks for the help.

  4. 1) About as well as any of the smog-crippled 70's engines. Not hard to beef up to suit your desires, though.

    2) yourself in the driver's seat!

    3) Because the II is probably one of the least respected cars out there, and far too many morons either spout off the same old BS or are too stupid to find out for themselves how much fun they can be.....and its often the same crowd who love to point out the Pinto origins of the II while conveniently forgetting that the Fox era Mustangs are Fairmonts in disguise....
  5. Dude, GET THAT CAR!!!!!! My first car was a '77 mach I with the Ttops and a 4-cyl. I loved it soooooo much, I still have it. (almost 10 years later)

    I think the car only has about 160 hp, but I could be wrong. and thats fixed by letting the motor breathe.

    As far as Mods, most are kind of bigger projects than "bolt-on"

    I recommend yanking off the smog stuff (check state smog regulations) and open the exhaust up (cats, headers, etc.)
    Headers are a pain from what I hear. I just had my manifolds Ported and Polished.
    Then its onto a 4-bbl intake manifold and carbeurator (I recommend a total Edelbrock setup, theyre much easier to work with)
    Then when you really get into it, get a nice streetable cam setup.

    After this, you will be spending so much money replacing tires, you cant afford anymore mods :D
  6. BUY IT BUY IT NOW!! :D REally thats a good price for the car. I paid 1800.00 for my first II. Think about the future of the car, the Mustang II is becoming VERY rare especially specialty model;s like the Mach I add 302 and t-tops and you have a vERY rare car!! look on ebay, avg condition cars with those options are going for 2500.00 to 3000.00 Yours sounds better than most. I have had 3 car shows call and ask me to put my car in their shows this year!! The 302 is pretty easy to beef up, and not too expensive either.
    SOme people bag on the II but for the most part they just are talking smack. I definitly vote BUY IT!! (if not tell me where it is so I can)

  7. I agree! Don't let a good opportunity like that pass you buy! My mustang II is the best car I have ever owned! You won't regret it!
  8. AGREED! it would be a mistake to pass it by. good luck. :D
  9. I told the guy I would buy it, Ill take it for a test drive of course first, he started it up and it sounds awsome... Ill get pics asap.

    What some things should I "freshen up" on it once I bring it home?

    Thanks again for all the help.

  10. Does anyone know where I can get the supplies for painting my car?


  11. Mach1StangII, what state are you in? Before you start doing engine mods you should get familiar with the state smog laws for your area. Like does it have to get a smog certification? Is a visual inspection part of the smog? Does the factory smog equiptment need to be in place and in working order for you to even get it registered in your name? I'm not telling you that you shouldn't buy it, but before you give the guy your hard earned cash you should do a little investigation work. Hey, maybe he's selling it because he can't get it smogged the way it sits, if that's the case try negotiate an even lower price.

  12. Ask the seller what he thinks the car needs, and address those issues first if they are important. After that just start cleaning and looking. Before long you'll have a list of things you want to accomplish.

    As far as paint supplies... just look in your local yellow pages under paint retail, call a couple and ask if they sell ppg, or Du pont. If so, they should have everything necessary.