Need Help!! Brake Lines For Sn95 Brake Swap

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  1. i am trying to get my fox ready to go to mustang week but am having a tough time figuring out what soft lines i need to run the sn95 (99-04) front and rear brakes that were started by the previous owner. the issue i am having is that the lines that are on the rear have a y block on the pass rear and what i think is a bubble flare for the lines. i want to use the factory T fitting from the fox and need soft lines that have just a single inlet per side and use a standard double flare like the rest of the car.
    also the drivers side front soft line has a much larger tube nut fitting than the passengers side. i think the lines are from a 99-04 GT but have no way to know for sure.

    does anyone know what lines i need to order to get the brake system working?

    please let me know asap because i am taking this car from a stripped roller with no drive train or wiring at all to a fully functional car in just over a month. i need to get all the parts here quickly so i can get this baby back on the road!!!
  2. You should be able to use the stock t fitting from the fox as well as hard lines. The hard lines must be modified to the sn95 calipers and you should be able to use stock sn95 soft lines.
  3. the sn95 line on the pass rear has another y block on it. i really dont want to just cap it off. this will be a drag car in the coming months and the last thing i want is to have any brake issues by cutting corners
  4. I guess i'm confused by what you have. Do you have pics?

    Typically what is done is that you reuse the original OEM Fox axle lines, and purchase 94-95 Sn95 rear soft lines. You'd bolt the soft lines to the rear axle and use weatherhead 7818 adapters to connect the fox drum brake connections to the soft lines. Very easy.
  5. i think i have it figured out.

    my rear lines are from a 99. the pass side has a y block built onto the end that would connect to the hard line. since i have a t fitting on the axle i cant use another y block. they also use what i think is a bubble flare rather than the regular double flare

    i got a set of 95 GT rear lines on the way and some 7/16 tube nuts to make them work. i have redone the hard lines from the stock fox t fitting already. just need to use the correct tube nuts and i should be good to go.
  6. My rear brakes are off of a 93 cobra as far as the calipers. Anyone know who has 5-lug rotors that aren't 4-lug with new holes drilled for this app? I didn't do the swap, PO did and did all wrong (axles too long, rigged caliper mounts, no E-brake cables, etc...) Fixed almost everything so far (custom axles, new calipers, Northracecar Brackets, etc) but still want new rotors, and e-brake functionality. Anyone have input?
  7. 99 rear brake lines are body mounted. They went to 4-channel ABS in 1999 for all models so there shouldn't be a Y-block if you have '99 lines