Need Help Cam & Piston Selection

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  1. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a 1985 Mustang and a wrecked 1989 Mustang. I am in the process of swapping all the EFI stuff (Harness, Dash, Tank, Fuel Lines, ect) from the 89 to the 85. I will be using the 85 as my commuter car. Both engines have issues and need to be rebuilt. Now here's are the q's....

    1. Which motor would be the better to rebuild, the 85 or the 89? Neither knocks but both have bad camshafts. The lobes are worn real bad.

    2. Since I need a new cam for either motor what cam should I use? I plan to go Turbo in Spring so should I get a stock turbo cam from a SVO or TC or a stock 89 mustang cam? Any other suggestions?

    3. Since I will be going Turbo in the spring should I go ahead and put in turbo pistons or will the stock 89 pistons work with the turbo system? I will most likely use a TC turbo setup on my motor.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. you could put in turbo pistons (go forged ONLY!), but they will have lower compression, so it would be a dog.
    I would pick an engine that could make it to spring without a major rebuild, and rebuild an actual turbo engine in the spring. There are tons of parts that you need for the turbo, and it is easier to buy a turbo engine.
    You could buy a ranger roller, and use it in the junk engine until you are ready to swap in the turbo engine. At that time, you could swap it to the rebuilt turbo engine.
  3. I have many sets of used turbo pistons on rods in reasonable shape and a roller cam set up that I will let go very reasonable email me if you're interested I need the space on the shelf. Bhuff is right, you will have a relatively low compression engine when done and may want to knock off .060 or more off the head if you are running na for a while. Later, Dan [email protected]
  4. Well after eading the reply's I have just decided to go ahead with the Turbo motor for now instead of waiting till spring. I don't want to rebuild tow motors. I found an 88 TC for cheap but I'm not sure which are the best years to use. Can anyone tell me what turbo unit comes on these cars, what computer and if it has the roller cam setup?

  5. Dont knock 60 thou off the head :bang: thats stupid-The 88 tc comes with a la3 comp(nice) and no 2.3 turbo came stock with a roller cam.