need help choosing an intake manifold


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Nov 14, 2011
East Tennessee
I am building a 306, forged pistons, b cam, 5 speed carb setup and was wondering if I could run a super victor, or vic. jr. intake manifold on this motor, and whether or not it would's gonna get a 600 holley on top. Any ideas or suggestions?
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Jan 5, 2003
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
You might be happier with an RPM air gap to better match that cam and I am assuming stock heads. I ran an RPM air gap for years and loved it, my setup was comp xe274h, ported E7's, 10.9:1 CR, 650 holley and long tubes. It ran very well and did not lack on the bottom end at all and would pull to the rev limit(6al box) I set at 6500 no problem. I have no experience with the Victor Jr. but my engine builder at the time had me steer away from it unless I was going alot bigger and it does not sound like you are so just something to think about.


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Nov 14, 2011
East Tennessee
Okay, I'll go with the rpm air gap then. As far as the carb goes, I see there are 2 choices with the holley: either a vacuum secondary, or a double pumper...which should I choose? I was thinking the d.p. because I'm afraid with that cam I won't have enough vacuum at low rpms to support my brakes with the vac. second. carb....does that sound right? I'm mainly going to be autocross/road racing the car, but want it to be manageable going to and from the track...oh yeah, I haven't found any heads yet. I'm on a budget, and will be looking for used heads. Thanks for your help guys...
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