Need Help Choosing Rotors And Pads For 02 V6

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by kwayne580, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. When I press the brake pedal it is very soft and doesn't grab like it should. It will stop the car good but it requires a lot of pressure. What could be causing this soft pedal problem? I also plan on replacing the rotors and pads all around I need some help choosing the right ones to use. It's a daily driver not a hot rod. I'm not doing any racing. Just everyday driving. But I want something that will last awhile and stop good if I decide to get heavy on the throttle occasionally.
  2. I'd start by bleeding the brakes and inspecting the entire system for leaks. Given that the car is 12 years old, if the brake fluid hasn't been changed, it could be loaded with moisture giving it a spongy feeling. A total bleed would be where I start.

    Secondary reasons for soft pedal could be a seized caliper. the rear calipers are notorious for the slide pins seizing in the pad bracket support and causing the pads to not make contact and give a soft pedal, so you want to inspect the brakes and lube/clean all the caliper guides to make sure they are free moving.

    For replacement pads, rockauto sells many brands. Motorcraft fronts are only $40 and i've run raybestos pads as well with good luck. I've also used the Raybestos rotors with good luck.
  3. I got all of my brake components off rockauto. I got slotted rotors and brembo pads all four wheels for under $50 and my car stops on a dime.