Need help figuring this out.

Wayne Waldrep

5 Year Member
Apr 14, 2003
Cuba, AL
This is a strange one. I'm not a sound system geek but am fine installing my own stuff. I'd like someone to tell me what exactly I just
In the picture is one of my door speakers. I bought them new. They've been in a box stored for the last couple years after I had used them for a year or two. They always worked great. Put them back in today and put the stereo on fronts only so I could check them. Did balance right and it sounded good....balance left and not good. The only thing playing in the left speaker was the tweeter. The woofer was not moving at all. So I got a jumper wire and jumped one of the whatever those things are that create a crossover. Did nothing. Jumped the other one. Nothing I don't think. Changed from the negative to positive on one end and one end of....anyway. I had no idea what I was doing. I just jumped a couple things and wammo, the woofer started firing and is fine now.
So what the heck just happened? I can't tell you any other specifics like which one made it work or anything because I don't remember. I just touched each spot till it fired.
Thanks for the help. Hope you all are having a great 4th!! God bless America!


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