Need help finding installer for MGW in SF Bay Area

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  1. I want to get the MGW shifter installed hopefully before the years out. I called the manufacturer just now, and they had no help to offer except to "ask on the forums", so I thought I'd give that a try.

    I don't have an inkling to do a ton of performance mods to my car, but the shifter is definitely one of the highest priorities. I don't care if it's a forum sponsoring vendor or whoever, I just need to find someone who has experience with performance transmission upgrades like this who I can trust to install it correctly. The transmission guy I was referred to by my normal mechanic said "no dice" as soon as he heard it was a newer car under warranty.

    Any help? Google isn't getting me too much info besides a Nissan tuner in San Jose. I'm willing to drive an hour or even two if it means getting the right place for the job.
  2. Do it your self, it's a bit time consuming but its straight forward and the instructions supplied are very good.
  3. I already considered that, but being that I live in an apartment, without a good car jack, and having to do it entirely on my own, I've ruled that out. I can rebuild commercial coffee gear, espresso machines, but that's about the limit of my mechanical capabilities in a small apartment.
  4. It's super easy to do. I'm surprised you can't find just a normal car mechanic to do it.
  5. I called my regular guy I trust, he just referred me to his transmission guy. The transmission guy refused to do it since it's a new car under warranty.
  6. Are you in the San Fran area?
  7. Yes, just south in Pacifica.
  8. I'm surprised your mechanic won't d0 this and you definitely don't need a performance transmission guy. This is an easy mod for anyone with basic skills. Any mechanic with a lift would have no problem doing it. You could try Ford or do a google search for mustang clubs in San Franciso and contact one of them for advice.
  9. Lenny's right. No need for anything beyond basic mechanic skills. Your normal guy can do this very easily. He's not getting into the tranny, he's just unbolting the shifter off the top, and attaching the new one. Take him the instructions, and have him look at how simple it is.

    If he still won't do it, you might want to start shopping for a new mechanic.

    Wish I could help you in that area, but I'm a little too far north of you...
  10. Hello and Merry Christmas!!!!!! I have a 2011 GT and last December I installed an MGW in my Mustang. I went to the Ford dealer where I got the car (new) and he didn't suspect there would be any problem with the warranty. Go to MGW's website and check out the install. I'm no car mechanic but I am a carpenter so I have some mechanical background and I have worked on cars and have had alot of enjoyment doing it. I reviewed the MGW video website about 50 times and got real comfortable with the install. I had ordered the shifter in August 2011 and didn't receive it until the first part of December. I made a chronological step by step removal and install sheet to bring out into driveway so I didn't have to keep running to look at the computer. Everything went as planned. Very clean and simple install. From the time I opened the shed and installed everything and cleaned up and put everything away, took 4 hours. If you have some experience and it's really only unbolting and reinstalling another part or parts, you can do it and know it's done to your satisfaction!!!! It's fun to do and you will love the shifter!!!!! I think it's the best thing I could add to that point. It is a very, very, very solid piece and you won't have to go shopping for gears anymore. Since then I've added Roush 421127 mufflers myself, a stock 2011 Ford tower brace, and had Tasca Ford install a Ford FR3 racing suspension with m-5300-K 1 1/2" lowering springs and a Ford Racing computer tune to get rid of the "Skip Shift"!!!!!!!!! Per-r-r-r-r-fect!!!!!!! Have fun my friend and Happy Motoring!!!! mouser302
    P.S. George and Julie and the gang at MGW are very good to deal with. If you can't find an installer try a Ford Dealer that is involved with the Ford Racing program. I'm sure they can steer you in the right direction. I recommend you do it yourself and get your feet wet. It's a lot of fun researching the install and buying the tools you will need. This shifter is worth every dime and more!!!!! The Hurst shifter is easier to install but it's literally the same as the one you are wanting to replace, why bother. A total waste of time and money. The MGW is a very formidable piece and a great addition!!! The only addition I would make to the video is the part where they say you need another person to hold the shifter box from under the car, I attached the shifter support (the piece with the 2 pins going through it) by just a couple of threads and was very easily able to push down on the shifter plate to install the four allen screws. The second addition is not to forget to grease the slot on the shifter for the reverse lockout and the stainless pin that slides into the lockout. Believe me when I tell you, review the videos and you can do it!!!!! Have Fun, mouser
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  11. If you were in the NC area, I would say come on over and I would help you. It's really straight forward install.