Need Help Fitting Drag Radial Tires

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  1. alright, i have a 93 coupe with 225/60r15 rears. i have weld wheels 15x8 (not sure about the backspacing) i wanted to run either 255/60r15 or 275/50r15. the inner fenders have had some shaving or bashing, im guessing the previous owner did in fact run wider tires and the fenders have been rolled a bit, however i measured the outer diameter and it looks like i can only fit 27inch max, leaving a little room for bumps along the road.

    whats my best bet playing it safe? thinking about buying hoosier d.o.t slicks, car isnt driven very much so i am not worried about comfort or tread life, also i do not track it often.
  2. with out knowing your backspacing i dont think anyone will tell you for sure
  3. Should be 3.5 I think.
  4. if its a 8" with a 5.5" BS you should be able to get a 275/50 in there with out to much hammering needed. if its a 3.5" thats a tough one since 5.5" is standard