need help i think eec is dead

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  1. One day i lost power to my fuel pump. Hopein it was just the relay i checked the one under my seat, it was fine. So after some research i have been troubleshooting the eec and found it has power and ground. So i am hopeing someone can assist me on solving this prob. The tan and light green wire has no power and non of the others i checked do either. HHEELLPP!!!
  2. First pff what year car is it. Try and pull the codes from the EEC. If you are doing it properly, and dont get anything, then that is a good indication that the EEC might be dead. Second off, how did you check the relay? And lastly, is the fuel pump kicking on at all, when you turn the key to the "Run" position? If not, replace the relay first, even if you think it is fine.
  3. sry man im new at this

    k well its a 89 lx coupe 2.3L. the fuel pump doesnt even think about runnin at all, and the relay for it doesnt click. i checked the main 12v feed to the relay and it had power. to test my pump i jumped that 12v to the wire goin to the pump and it turned on. i have a new relay and did replace it to begin with, when it did nothing i put the old one back. while i was off i tested it by puting power to the activating post and it clicked. using wire diagrams i found the wire leaving the eec that is soppose to activate the relay under the seat. It has no power when the key is set to run. so i then checked the eec for power and the relay that gives it power they are good, along with its ground. im sry man im 18 and have limited tools and money and i dont know much about computers in cars. i have no clue as to how to pull a code off an eec. thanks for the help every little bit helps im runnin out of steam.
  4. Check the inertia switch in the back hatch area it could be flipped. There should be a rubber plug covering it next to the latch.