Need Help Identifying this Ford Tachometer

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    1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Gauges 2 Photo 12

    The above article doesnt say exactly where the owner got these gauges. It just says "Shelby dash pod with Ford Racing gauges, Autometer gauges." I checked Autometer's website and couldnt find it, and Ford Racing doesnt seem to make it.

    I'm wanting the interior on my '66 to look similar to a '66 GT350(no dash pod like '65). And I like the fact that this tach appears to be identical to the '66 GT350 tach, but with the blue oval and not the Cobra logo.

    So does anyone know if this is something that came in another model? Or is it an over-the-counter dealer part that's gonna be hard to find? Hopefully someone reproduces these. Or else I'm gonna end up paying $400 plus for a Shelby tach which will say "Cobra," and I'm not really trying to build a GT350 clone.

    Side note, that combination FoMoCo gauge mounted to that magazine car's steering column also looks pretty cool.

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  2. I remember Ford sold a lot of tachs with their name on it back in the 1990s through the SVO catalogs. It may also be a tach that someone added the decal to the face.
  3. I found out the '66 Shelby tachs were manufactured by Faria, who stopped making tachs around the 1980's.
    I checked out ebay and google and found a few different tachs made by Faria for Fords, but nothing really close to the '66 GT350 tach, much less the one pictured with the blue oval.

    So unless anyone can point me in the direction of a reproduction tach that looks like the one above with a blue oval, I'll prolly just get this "Look-a-Like" tach which I didnt even realize was available:
    Cobra "Look-A-Like" Tachometer
  4. I bought some NOS trim parts from Tony's shop a few months back. The tach looks pretty good!
  5. I've heard good things about them. They'd have to have good service and attention to details to have been in the shelby resto business for so long.