Need Help Idle Problem On 89 Gt!

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  1. i have a 89 gt .. all stock .. one day i drove for bout 5 mins . shut the car off .. then when i got back to restart the car . it jumped up idle to bout 3k . and wouldnt drop .. then i shut it off restarted it and it jumped up agian to 3k .. then i just put it into first and clutched it a lil to see if it would drop the rpms.. it did then died .. now when i start it up the check engine light comes on and it seems to idle fine for bout 15 secs.. then when the idle drops down it bairly stays running .. surging and missing it seems but when its revved up its fine . ? i changed the iac valve.. checked the egr with a vacumme it stumbles/dies when pumped .checked vacumme leaks with carb spray .. sprayed all gaskets surfaces .. what other possibilites? .. im stumped cause the idle jumped up like that then it stopped now just misfires and chuggs at idle
  2. did you run the codes?
  3. tried to run the codes with a jumper wire .. no luck flashed once and nothing else
  4. try it again. The engine codes will tell you what's wrong. No point guessing and throwing money at it.

    A good investment is this code reader. No need to fumble with jumper wires and counting blinks. Every 5.0 owner should have one if they intend on working on their car
  5. I secong that code reader, have had one for 20 years