Need Help In Identifying A Regulator!

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  1. So I have a Mallory fuel regulator on my ’92 mustang,its mounted on the stock fuel rail. Anyway the diaphragm started leaking last week. Mallory cannot figure out what model my regulator is to get me the right diaphragm, in fact they are saying it’s not even one of their regulators even though it says so right on the side of it. I sent them all the pics that are below and they still can’t help me out which seems pretty lame IMO……..

    So, does anyone know what part# this regulator was from back in the mid 90’s, or does anyone have an old Mallory, or old summit racing , or Jegs catalog from back in the 90’s that would have the “old” part # for this regulator so i can try to get the right part.


  2. Anyone??????:shrug:
  3. I hate to be Mr. Obvious and it's not intended to be smart ass reply but why not just purchase a new regulator?
  4. Based on some information I dug up from old magazines the regulator is a 4211. I found a page of an old Mallory catalog that shows that the 4211 used a 3159 diaphragm kit. Information on both seems to be nonexistent.
  5. As you need to get a replacement, I would suggest a Kirban. Used them in 5 of my Mustangs without a hitch. They are great pieces, and are easily rebuild able.
  6. One more piece of advice....the type of intake manifold you're running will dictate the regulator you buy as well. I bought a Kirban this fall for my set up. Beautiful billet piece. Unfortunately, it seem to interfere with the EGR valve on my spacer when used in combination with my Trick Flow Track Heat intake. Seems to be a common issue with the design of the Trick Flow intakes.

    I'm told I should be able to "bash in" the EGR valve cage enough (without interfering with the diaphragm) in order to clear the regulator. The other alternative is to run an EGR delete, which isn't an option. Wish I would have known this ahead of time.

    Moral of the story....check your clearance. If you have to spend a little more, to buy something with a little lower profile, it might be worth while to save you some trouble in the future.


    Looking at the pics, it seems as though you're running a GT40 intake? Don't imagine you'll have any issues with it at all.
  7. Why buy a new $150 regulator when all i need is a $35 replacement diaphragm??

    Thanks for the info! hopefully that will get me somewhere now :nice:
  8. ...because the one you have appears to be obsolete.
  9. Not sure what brand you're buying, but a brand new adjustable billet Kirban regulator can be had for under $100, shipped to your door. Hardly worth the hassle of trying to track down parts to rebuild an old one. Especially one that's obsolete.
  10. I own a kirban, and keep hearing they are rebuildable, but have yet to ever see a kit for sale or hear about anyone doing it.

    I'm sure it's all standard ASA -dash O-rings inside, but i'm not about to crack mine open to find out.