Need Help Installing Aftermarket Radio. Please Help!

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  1. Ok, so first off I am not sure if this is the right section of the forums to post this but I need some help installing an aftermarket radio into my mustang. I have a 2000 mustang GT with the Mach 460 sound system. The issue I am running into is the amp. Does anyone have an installation guide that shows you how to wire everything with the amp? or do you bypass it and wire it another way? I have never installed car audio into a car that has a factory amp already in place before. Please any help is appreciated!!
  2. I have an 03 with mach 460 and i had a second harness that is used to power the amp and then 2 rca's that plug into the radio which deliver audio to the amps. Just make sure you get the correct harness kit or the radio will just be tweeters.
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  3. Thank you! I need to get the harness with the 2 rca's at the end. That is what I'm missing. I think once I have that I will be good.
  4. There's a major difference between the factory Mach radio in the 2000 vs 2003.

    I have an after market radio in my 2000 GT with the Mach sound system. In my case, I left the factory amp in place and made an adapter harness from a commercially available harness adapter.

    I removed the separate CD player and installed a storage hole filler in it's place. The factory CD player isn't needed when the new head unit has one anyway.

    By retaining the factory amp, this avoids any issues with re-wiring/re-designing the car's wiring. It was a very simple "plug and play" install. No drama. Just follow the instructions. One of the easiest radio installs ever.

    Retaining the factory amp in the Mach 1000 system is not as easy for the later model year Mustangs. Needs a head unit that support "high pass" output and an adapter designed for the purpose.
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  5. Interested in selling the factory set up? I would like to put mine back to the factory set up.