need help just put suspension on and it doesnt look right


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Dec 8, 2004
i just got my H&R super sport springs put on with a bunch of other suspension stuff and i threw on 18x9 roush wheels all the way around on pirelli 265/35/18 but it doesnt look any lower??? Please somebody tell me whats goin on???
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Dec 8, 2004
unfortunately i dont i dont have a scanner :( but i put the stock tires up to the new tire and rim (stock 245/45/18) and that pretty much equals up to that same height,, i dont maybe i should just wait to see if they break in and maybe it'll settle in or something?


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Aug 17, 2003
So. Cal. V-Town
couple of things.

1) Did you make sure that the springs are sitting in the perches correctly? The bottom tails only go in one way and there is a little catch on each of the perches where the springs tail rests.

2) The car will "settle" after a few weeks, give it time.

What all did you replace for suspension? You said a bunch of other stuff? Spring isolators? I have the super sports and they dropped my car almost 2 inches all around and then settled about another 1/4 inch after a few weeks. Did you do the install yourself or did you have it done? If you had someone else do it, did you make sure they actually changed your springs? There are some shady shops around.


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Jan 31, 2003
If you loosened any control arm bolts to remove the factory stuff did you re-tighten them with the weight of the car on the suspension? That is, the suspension wasn't at full droop when you re-tightened the control arm bolts, right?


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Jun 8, 2000
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need more info,

how's the ride feel before/after?
did you do the work/shop/friends?
what are the 'buch of other things' too?


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Dec 8, 2004
i got the whole maximum motorsports suspension package; so springs spring isolators maximum motorsports camber plates, billstein shocks/struts, maximum motorsports control arms and panhard bar, all the polyurethane bushings. And i had a recomended shop do the work and yea i saw that all the suspension was put on, when it was on the lift he showed me all the work that he was doing. And i tested the car out last night (i got everything put on yesterday) and it handled like a charm i was taking these tight s-turns at 70 with no problem. THe ride is actually pretty smooth.


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Jun 19, 2005
I have an identical kit on my car with the exception of the sport springs in place of the super sports. My car did the same thing. It will "settle" a bunch after a couple of days and after a couple weeks look way low.


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Dec 8, 2004
thanks a lot man that makes me feel a lot better... but yea i love how the suspension handles that extra rear grip package i got with the control arms and that panhard bar is solid!
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