Roush Need help looking for a Saleen

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Saleen2k, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. Hey!

    I am pretty excited to finally see a Saleen board. This place seems like it's got a good thing going. Anyways I am wanting to buy a 1999-2001 Saleen with all the options besides the Supercharger and the seats. I am having one hell of a time locating one in or near Colorado. I was interested in a White one on eBay in Texas but it had a tree through the roof at one point.

    Anyone know where I could find a Black,silver or yellow Saleen near colorado? I want one near or around Colorado area with low miles. I also tried Sil-terhare ford but nothing..

    Thanks guys! :banana:
  2. Here is a great car that is local to you:

    Best of luck with your hunt!
  3. Yea,
    Mike is right. What a beautiful car that is 1997 #173. I wish I had more money layin around.
  4. Oh yea,
    The thread. Saleen2k,
    Why don't you expand your search a little? Did you try picking up the Mustang Trader? Don't just look in CO. My parents live in Colorado Springs and I know I would'nt want to purchase a Saleen that may or may not have been driven through even a dusting of snow, or on any dry roads that were maintained with salt/gravel. Just a thought. Greg and Mark at PAS are still your best bet's though.
  5. I have a saleen for sale

    Hey man,

    I have a 1999 saleen convertible for sale with all the options except the supercharger. it has a little under 26,000 miles and has been garaged the whole time. call if you or anybody is interested in it. dark green outside, grey leather inside. call 281-989-1574 of [email protected].
  6. You just have to look dillengently for awhile. I looked for over 6 months on the internet, local papers, autotrader, and mustang trader to find my Saleen.
  7. You just have to look dillegently for awhile. I looked for over 6 months on the internet, local papers, autotrader, and mustang trader to find my Saleen.

  8. Yup...and still looking...was thinking about starting to look for a Roush, but I couldnt bring my self to do it. Will keep looking as well.

  9. I wonder how much he charges????
  10. I bought mine on Ebay ...came from Texas and is white i hope its not the same car you were looking at :shrug: i had it shiped up here to MA.
    Rich Motta
  11. White with white wheels???
  12. Yes it has white wheels ...i bought it through Trade in Cars.Com using buy it now ....there are pics floting around here someplace. I doubt it was the same car there has not been any reported damage and there is no sign of any body work.
  13. Oh that is the one...well my search continues.
  14. Jerry Alderman Ford here in Indy has 2 03 Saleen non s/c'd versions for sale. One is black the other is dark shadow grey. Both are stickered for 40,XXX, but they are taking 6,600 off the sticker to move them. They even said they will take x-plan too.

  15. Not a bad deal. Thanks for the headsup.
  16. Ebay is probably your best bet. Theres usually 10 or 15 for sale at any time. I saw a white '03 speedster bidding for $60,000. Sweet! Must be nice to have the funds for that. Way better than a Vette. :D