Need Help!! Odd issues happening

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  1. The other day my ABS light came on, then the traction light and also the right turnsignal comes on steady on the dash. (If I use the signal it flashes fast on the right, normal on the left and all bulbs are working. If I clear the codes, even though it shows none, it will work fine from Key off to start, until I use the headlights or heater.) BUT, only when I turn on my headlights OR turn on my heater <???> and when my headlights are on, the Passenger side headlight is really dim. When this happens, when I push the headlight button in, the headlights stay on but really dim <??> and won't go off until I turn the key off? I even took out the headlight bulb and turnsignal bulb on passenger side, same thing, so no short at bulbs I guess.
    I am really stumped here everyone. Also when this happens if I stop the car, put it in park and turn it off, the headlights stay on and it makes a 'bumping' sound near my CAI???

    I know I could have a ABS problem, but what would cause the electrical nightmare that it affects my headlight?
    If I am running without headlights and turn on the heater I get this also. If I am not running anything, lights, heater, etc. It acts fine. I checked the battery its 12.96 and 14.46 when running. When I put on the headlights, it only drops (at battery) to 14.25???

    Now if I run heater and lights I get odd OB2 codes, fuel pump module out, etc. hardly ever the same ones twice…? It also tries to shut down and is undrivable.

    All ideas appreciated.

    2004 V6
  2. did you unhook battery for 10 min - re hook-and then check if it still did the same thing ?
  3. Found the issue. It was the ground near the hood prop. After tightening it down until the metal creaked, all was good. Someone can close this thread but keep it around for anyone else needing help.

  4. Ahhhh a quick fix is soooo fine !!