Exhaust Need Help On Exhaust Choice!

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  1. So I just picked up an 06 mustang gt and I have been looking at exhausts. I do not have a lot of money right now but I was looking at the slp loudmouth axle back, Borla s-type cat-back, and also the Borla cat-back ATAK. I am going crazy trying to decide and any help would be greatly appreciated I am open to anything just wanna make sure I get the best bang for my buck.
  2. Well if you are on a budget, then Borla isn't for you. Those are among the most expensive setups you can get. If the car is completely stock, then a cat-back is a waste of money. Save yourself a few bucks by just getting an axle-back setup. The stock exhaust on these cars flows really well; the only thing you'll gain is an improved sound. You can install an axle-back yourself in the garage with regular hand tools. Best advice is to hit Youtube or even American Muscle, they have sound clips comparing stock to the various setups available.
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  3. If your on a budget I don't think you can beat Pypebomb axle-backs. They look and sound awesome , fit and finish is excellent , and they are less expensive then most other exhausts out there. Even if you weren't on a budget I would recommend them.
    Also I would check the classified section here as well as craigslist and ebay. Sometimes you cab score some good deals.
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  4. Ill check out the Pypebomb and thanks for let me know not to waste money on a cat-back.
  5. i agree, catbacks are a waste. Ive been researching exhaust systems for like 2 weeks now trying to decide what to get, im picking between http://www.americanmuscle.com/flowmaster-outlaw-axleback-0510gt.html, http://www.americanmuscle.com/pypebomb-axelback-0510.html, and http://www.americanmuscle.com/axexlmo20mug.html atm. i recomment buying the and h-pipe before any of that if you want to eventually lead up to a badass exhaust system. I hear the o/r h-pipes can make any mustang sound like a true muscle car, plus its only $200. Im going get that first then my axle-back next, mainly because its only $200 and give it a pretty awesome sound.
  6. If you go with an Offroad setup, you'll need a tuner.
  7. Wow, You bought a 2006 GT that has stock exhaust!
    If you're on a budget, axle-back is the way to go. If you want it as loud as possible without changing the headers and midpipes then muffler deletes are in order, aka pype bombs or loud mouths. Personally, I bought Pypes Violators and although they are a great quality muffler and tip, they didn't fit very well. The guys at Pypes tried hard to convince me it was my cars fault but it wasn't. ;)
  8. i had a post up similar to yours on a different mustang forum and someone reccommended this http://www.americanmuscle.com/roush-extreme-catback-0509.html, its what ive decided to get by far. Its a catback and its $600 (even tho i figured cats are a waste on mustang) but it sounds soooooooooo good lol it just sounds clean in my opinion, so crackling when you hit high rpm's and smooth all the way through.
  9. I had Mac Boomtubes without any other mods and they sounded great but droned in 5th gear at 60mph.

    Went to Mac long-tube headers with Mac off-road ProChamber, sounded nasty but was extremely loud and drone was unbearable at 5th gear and 60mph.

    My current set up is Mac long-tube headers with Mac off-road ProChamber, and Bassani Race axle-backs and I love it. Quiet when I want it to be and loud and throaty when I want it to be.

  10. Uranich ive got my slp loudmouth off my 06 gt, its in good shape, i dont have the clamps, but you should be able to use the factory ones. $125 you pay shipping from 35242. Had dodges for the past few year so i cant use it, love the HEMI!