Need Help On Gt500 (2007)

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by BrianB, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Hopefully someone can help me. Yesterday I installed a JLT CAI intake and used a custom tune from Brenspeed. The car ran awesome when I took it for a test drive last evening.
    This morning I took the car into work and now I'm having bucking problems when accelerating. I also had it stall out on me when I come to a stop. (RPMs drop down to 200 when downshifting). The car does idle between 900-1000 when I'm at a stop sign, but have had it fluctuate.

    I'm guessing I have a leak in the CAI? Thought/Opinions?

  2. Reflash back to the stock tune. Run the car a while to see how it acts. If it runs well then try flashing the Brenspeed tune again. Verify that you're running the correct octane rated gas for the tune that you're loading.
  3. I'll reflash it this evening to the stock tune and take it for a test run. Problem is need the car to go to a wedding tomorrow so I guess I'll be busy tonight. Thanks for the input
  4. If you reflash back to stock tune, you have to re-install the stock air box/inlet. The car will not run right with the JLT and no tune to make it work.
  5. Do the little things too like make sure the plugs / connectors are still seated, the intake is still mounted well. I had a problem with a buddies for about a block like this and we forgot to plug the MAF back in.
  6. Sounds like maybe intake tube might have a leak somewhere, make sure connections are tight.