Need Help picking a New springs and shock!


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Mar 28, 2019
Hey Everyone! This is my first post here so forgive any errors. Any ways, about a month ago I bought a 2003 Mach 1. I love this car to death and it does have a fair share of issues. The previous owner was really not kind to this car and did some crappy "pimping" with cheap parts and stuff. I am doing my best to get this car looking great again.

That brings me to the main issue here. The previous owner's best decision, he put some lowering springs and different shocks on this car. Effectively making the ride in my Mach 1 the absolutely worst. I am talking about it throws you around on any kind of bump or anything.

I am really looking into options of new components to fix this issue. I'm not looking for more lowing springs honestly. I'm ok with it being a little lower than stock but right now the front splitter rubs on everything and started falling off because of this. I like it low but nothing over a 1.5 drop i think.

Baseline I am open on price ranges, better more smoother ride, little stiffness is ok, coilovers ok, and springs and shocks.
Let me see what ideas you have!

Thanks for your time!!
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