Need help picking which engine to put into my 86....


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I am going to be replacing my tired 302 hopefully this spring. I want to be able to cam my car this time, damn flat top pistons. I am leaning towards a 331 or a 347 stroker kit. I have heard good things about both. Should I pick the pieces myself and build it, or have a company like DSS build me one? Otherwise I would get high quality products from Probe, Eagle, Scat etc... Basically I want to be able to hammer on this motor without having to worry about messing it up. So here's what I am thinking

347 motor forged pistons, scat crank etc.
AFR 165's or Trick flow heads or if you have a better one in mind.
75 mm TB FRPP
New mass air meter, not sure which one
Whipple, or Kenne Bell Supercharger. After seeing Fast Marks, man I gotta have one. Otherwise I may get a single turbo.
Which cam? Custom grind?

I would like to stick with the 302 block so I do not have to modify a bunch of **** like I would have to do with a 351. Plus weight is an issue. I am not sure what to get, so if you guys could recommend me a good proven build where all the parts mesh together and make serious power, I want to hear about it. I do want it to be streetable. Should I switch from EFI to carb? Price is not really an issue, because I do want to do it right. However, I do not want to blow my whole wad on building this motor either. Thanks dudes.
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