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1986 v6 to v8 swap

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  1. I want to do a v8 swap on my 1986 v6 mustang, but i have a couple questions. One i want to go fuel injected what year mustang can i get the harshness ? Two what would i have to do to go fuel injected? I've done a V8 swap on a 4cyl but it was a 92 with the different dash, everything bolted/hooked up
  2. If it were me, I would:

    Get an 87-93 5.0 fuel tank, "loaded".
    (Loaded = The complete kit with tank, pump, hanger, sender, gaskets, etc...)

    Get an RJM universal 5.0 wiring harness. (Plug and play. Idiot proof, comes with it's own fuse block and all relays, as well as fuel pump harness.)

    Get all new sensors. RJM kit does not include sensors, but your donor engine might.
    I would buy all new sensors and keep the ones on the donor as spares. Don't have to, but could make things go smoother.

    Get a complete engine, top to bottom, with all accessories.

    I am assuming your v6 is either not fuel injected, or the parts are not compatible.
    Actually I have no idea. You might not need a new gas tank, or fuel lines. ???

    For fuel lines, I would get some nylon hose, connectors, nylon line tool, and as much stock hard line as possible from the donor vehicle.
    Then get to work assembling a set of fuel lines.

    That's about it, other than getting an ECM to match you tranny choice, and a MAF to match.
    I would use an SN style MAF.
  3. Fuel tank would be the same, just a matter of changing the pick up assembly in the top of the tank.

    I like what ratio411 recommended. New harness from RJM and plug and play. The rest is just nuts and bolts, so get busy...

    Oh, and we want pictures!