need help selecting tuning hardware/software

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  1. The thread title is pretty self explanatory. I currently have a n/a stock compression 5.0 with the mods listed in my sig. Smog equipment was removed before I purchased the car, so I have some codes that need to be cleared and compensation that needs to be made in the ecu. It's had cold start problems since I put it together, and just doesn't run well until the computer goes into closed loop My best trap speeds this past fall with the new motor were right around 103.7, and I was kind of figuring I'd be more in that 106-108 area. I'm looking at probably throwing a small shot of nitrous on this thing in the future as well.

    I know virtually nothing about tweecers or pms. If someone could direct me to some good educational reading on the subject, or give me some opinions on what you are using, that would be cool. I know that none of this stuff is cheap, but I'm really looking to spend as far below $1,000 as possible. I have friends that are into DSM's and most have screwed around with those SAFC tuning devices, and done data-logging with laptops, so I'd at least have some help. Thanks for any input.
  2. The PMS is pretty user friendly and works very well, Ive used it on my LX for several years. Maybe checkout, lots of info on all of the options out there as well as help with them. You can find a used PMS for $500-$600 pretty easily.
  3. For $1k or less...
    Your looking at a tweecer RT and WB O2.
    Tweecer RT $550
    WB O2 $200
    Binary Editor and EECAnalyzer for an additional $100

    If you are willing to go slightly higher, then the PMS and a WB would fit into the budget.

    You may be able to find a used PMS with datalog software for less than the price of a new Tweecer RT, but don't hold your breath.
    It may take a while...

    For low budget tuning the tweecer RT is tops.
    With the Moates gear coming in a close second (Only because of the lack of datalogging and only 2 tunes per chip - with moates gear...)
    is great for PMS info
    is great for tweecer info
    is great for moates info

    Cruise around each of these forums for a while...
    Whatever tuning system you decide on, you will be spending a lot of time on these forums...